Adu Du has a Four-Shooter Gun to protect himself.

Episode 3

Adu Du used it to destroy Gopal's notebook when he wanted Adu Du to sign his autograph because Gopal mistaken him as a movie actor when BoBoiBoy was about to approach, it transformed into a four-shooter gun but BoBoiBoy blocked it.

Episode 15

Adu Du pointed this gun in front of the Sleeping Monster and he will shoot him if he won't behave properly.

Episode 18

Adu Du use a Laser Gun to shoot Papa Zola out in the Checkers Game.

Season 2

Unlike in Season 1, the Gun looks different in this season.

Adu Du's gun in Season 2

He was about to shoot BoBoiBoy and Gopal inside the Haunted House but they were all threw by Fang outside the house.

This four-shooter gun is also seen in the title card of Mister Boss and Probe.

Mister Boss and Probe


  • Laser
  • Circle Bullets