Adu Du's Spaceship has lot of weapons, many of them are seen in Episodes 7 and 8.


Grinder - used to kill Gopal but he turned it to Pizza
Chocolate Bomb transformation

Bomb - used to scare Gopal but turned into Chocolate bar

Giant Fan : used to Suck and Cut things to pieces

Sleeping Gas : 3 guns that can be found in the Fire Exit

Squasher : used to squash BoBoiBoy and his friends but Yaya hold it off

Plasma Machine Gun : one of the weapons used to scare Gopal

Rocket Destroyer : one of the weapons used to scare Gopal.


Missiles: Missiles that is launched in the 4 rotating squares of the ship.

Red Rocket Missile: Big Missile used to kill Yaya but she used her Super Sonic Speed power to destroy it.


Laser Beam : used to suck someone inside like Yaya and Gopal

Adu Du's Spaceship trying to suck Yaya inside it

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