Huh, what is this?

Probe looking at the pic

Probe had accepted a fan art of an ugly Auntie version of him from Ah Chong.

Season 1, Episode 10

Auntie Probe's Picture is included in Ah Chong's fan art of BoBoiBoy since he is the no.1 imaginary fan of BoBoiBoy,but Probe still accepts it although it's a bit ugly.


The reason why Ah Chong drew this is because Probe had already disguised himself as Auntie Saodah twice (Season 1, Episode 4, Episode 5).

Bahasa Malaysia

In the Malaysian Version, it is called "Gambar Makcik Probe"


Probe:Just by now, Auntie Probe's Picture

Huh, What is this?

Computer:Ahh, so ugly, patience Probe! patience!


  • This picture can also be seen in the Season 1 cred

    Auntie Probe's Picture in the Credits


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