Awesome Neighbours (Jiran Terbaik) is a special commercial of BoBoiBoy during Hari Raya 2012.


Yaya reminded the audience to close their doors and windows before leaving and become good friends with their neighbours just like she did with Ying. Later on the road on Yaya's phone , Ying tells her that her house the look better at 10:00am and she calls her every 5 minutes but Yaya told her to stop.


PSA Hari Raya - 'Jiran Terbaik!'00:31

PSA Hari Raya - 'Jiran Terbaik!'


  • It was revealed that Yaya also has a cellphone.


Yaya - Nur Sarah Alisya Zainal Rashid

Ying - Yap Ee Jean

Potato - (no voice(Cameo)

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