Bagi Gi is one of the supporting characters in BoBoiBoy and later episodes of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. He is one of the members of the Five Scammer Commanders.

Physical Appearance

Bagi Gi is a cyan box head alien, similar to Adu Du. He has brown eyes, wears red glasses, and a blue vest. Inside the vest is a white undershirt. He also wears dark blue pants and shoes. He even shares the same voice with Adu Du.


Just like the other scammer commanders, Bagi Gi is cunning and deceptive. He is the member of the scammer commanders that tricks and scams people into buying technology for a high price. In his debut, he tries (and almost successfully) manages to fool Gopal into buying a red car on the internet. He is also a person who loves money, just like his brothers.

It is unknown if he will join Bago Go and the rest of the team in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.