"Between Friend and Foe" ("Antara Kawan dan Lawan") is the 25th episode of Season 3 of BoBoiBoy.


Part 1

The episode starts in the past, around the time that BoBoiBoy was about to leave Rintis Island at the end of Season 1. Captain Kaizo's spaceship appears and beams Fang, then known as "Private Pang", down to Earth. Fang taps his glasses, activating his mask and looking around his surroundings. He locates BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Ying and Yaya's power bands in the distance. Captain Kaizo commands Fang to convince the Power Bearers to give up their power bands. He also tells Fang to use violence if they refused. Fang accepts his captain's command.

Suddenly, the ship starts to depart and Fang realizes that Captain Kaizo is leaving without him.
Captain Kaizo leaving Fang

Captain Kaizo leaves Fang.

Fang asks why and Captain Kaizo tells him that he feels that Fang needs more time to obtain the Power Bands, and he also wants Fang to investigate who are the Bearers of the Power Bands. Fang is reluctant to be left behind, but Captain Kaizo tells him that he will return when the time is right. Fang can only watch as the spaceship leaves, he clenches his fists and slowly made his way to the train station.

Back to present time, where BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and Fang stop their clashing strikes. Lieutenant Lahap asks why they stopped and BoBoiBoy declared that he and Fang will not fight since they’re friends. Captain Kaizo is not pleased with it. Lieutenant Lahap raves at Fang’s disobedience to Captain Kaizo’s order. Fang attests to his action by bringing up the past of which they left him alone while BoBoiBoy and friends are the only ones that were there for him. Just as Lieutenant Lahap is about to use force, Captain Kaizo offers himself to make ends meet with Fang, approaching them simultaneously.

He then suddenly uses Energy Fist against Fang, who sides with BoBoiBoy. Fang guards it with Shadow Shield but Captain Kaizo breaks it, creating an explosion and throws back both BoBoiBoy and Fang. Instantly, Captain Kaizo charges at them with super speed while Fang attacks with Shadow Fingers. However, Captain Kaizo’s Energy Sword slices the shadows to pieces. Then Captain Kaizo uses Energy Shackle to immobilise Fang, shackling his limbs and waist which causes Fang great pain. BoBoiBoy shouted Fang’s name out loud.

Captain Kaizo asks if Fang has forgotten who has taken care of him before and that his true mission is to confiscate the power bands from BoBoiBoy and friends, not make friends. Fang submits a strained apology but all it does is trigger Captain Kaizo’s unwavering intention to punish him. BoBoiBoy transforms into BoBoiBoy Earthquake and summons Earth Golem to strike Captain Kaizo, only to be fenced off by his Energy Shield and the Golem breaks into pieces by his power kick. One of the rock pieces hits BoBoiBoy Earthquake afterwards and he ends up lying in pain on the ground. Captain Kaizo sets up a big dome of Energy Shield surrounding Fang, Lieutenant Lahap and himself. Lieutenant Lahap informs Fang how Captain Kaizo is among the formidable aliens there are in the galaxy by just observing his strong shield. Gopal includes that it’s the reason why Ying, Yaya and himself cannot access BoBoiBoy and Fang.

Captain Kaizo then says to Fang, “You will regret your betrayal to me, Private Pang!” he continues to tighten up his shackle’s grip, making Fang scream in pain.  

Fang… My friend’s name is Fang! Not Pang!” BoBoiBoy says, unwilling to accept Captain Kaizo’s way of addressing Fang that he knows as a friend. BoBoiBoy then resolves to do Elemental Split splitting for the first time into BoBoiBoy Earth, BoBoiBoy Water and BoBoiBoy Fire.
Triple Split Water Fire Earth

Triple Split with Earth, Water and Fire

BoBoiBoy Earth shouts that they are going to break Captain Kaizo’s Energy Shield which then makes Captain Kaizo to strengthen it even more. BoBoiBoy Fire on the other hand is excited to meet BoBoiBoy Water for the first time and expresses his delight by clinging to BoBoiBoy Water’s Water Sphere, which frightens BoBoiBoy Water and he tries to brush him off.

“Ehh, ehh… Don’t shake up my Water Sphere!”

BoBoiBoy Earth instructs them both to attack Captain Kaizo. BoBoiBoy Fire roots for BoBoiBoy Water to demonstrate his power. BoBoiBoy Water then performs the Water Shot towards Captain Kaizo’s Energy Shield, though it leaves no impact. Then BoBoiBoy Fire and BoBoiBoy Earth join the fight, attacking simultaneously with Multiple Fireball High Land Grabber, respectively.

Seeing no effects are done to the Energy Shield, Captain Kaizo chuckles and brags that there is nothing that can penetrate through his Energy Shield. Hence, BoBoiBoy Water flies up high with his power and summons Water Whale Sphere, directing it to Captain Kaizo. BoBoiBoy Fire is astounded

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by it and decides to make a combo with his Maximum Fireball and release it to the target. However, both attacks collide, resulting with Water Whale Sphere being evaporated and Maximum Fireball being extinguished before they reach the target. Gopal, Yaya and Ying look it in dismay.

BoBoiBoy Water rages at BoBoiBoy Fire for ruining his attack.
BoBoiBoy Fire and Water Episode 25

“Why did you ruin my attack!?”

BoBoiBoy Fire apologizes and attempts to make another attack with his Fireballs. Suddenly, his Fireballs instantly get extinguished by BoBoiBoy Water’s Water Spheres. His face gets soaked and angrily asks BoBoiBoy Water why did he put his fire. BoBoiBoy Water angrily replies that he evaporated his Water Whale Sphere first. The two Elements start arguing and they end up brawling.

BoBoiBoy Earth asks them to stop. Captain Kaizo gets impatient and use Energy Push to smack them all which leaves them lying to the ground and fused back to BoBoiBoy. Captain Kaizo approaches him and said how the Power Bands are wasted on such naïve kids like them. BoBoiBoy cannot accept his presumption. He then transforms into BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm. He moves with Lightning Speed and attempts to attack Captain Kaizo multiple times with his Thunder Blade but all attacks are evaded effortlessly. Until the time after Captain Kaizo did a backflip, he fences BoBoiBoy's Thunder Blade with his power-boosted hand which costs him a lot of effort. However, he manages to push BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm back.

Seeing BoBoiBoy wants to do sword fighting with him, Captain Kaizo brings forth his Energy Sword and simultaneously disables his other powers. Gopal says that the sword was also used to defeat Ejo jo at one swoop. Fang, who is freed from the Energy Shackle warns BoBoiBoy to be careful. Captain Kaizo charges at BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm with a significant speed. BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm moves instantly with his Lightning Speed to Captain Kaizo’s right side. Captain Kaizo turns his sword and clashes his sword with BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's. Captain Kaizo’s attacks manage to push back BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm several times in their series of attacks.  

Gopal applauds Captain Kaizo’s swordplay which make Ying asks him whose side he is on. Yaya spots that the Energy Shield that was interfering them is gone. Gopal adds that it’s due to the fact that Captain Kaizo only concentrates all his power to the Energy Sword. Yaya suggests that they save Fang while BoBoiBoy distracts Captain Kaizo. Gopal tries to stop them however Yaya and Ying are struck with a powerful plasma beam. They are safe regardless.

Part 2

The plasma beam attack is revealed to come from Lahap. He drinks a toxic liquid, which disgusts Ying and Gopal. Lahap reveals that his power is turning the toxic substances that he eats into Plasma Energy. He then attacks Yaya, Ying and Gopal with it but they manage to dodge it. Lahap explains that his powers grow stronger when he eats more toxic substance. Lahap proceeds to attack them with Toxic Plasma Blasts continuously. Realizing that they cannot escape, Ying stops time in their surroundings to protect her friends.

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm vs Captain Kaizo

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm vs. Captain Kaizo

Meanwhile, BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and Captain Kaizo are still fighting with their swords. Captain Kaizo tells him to give up his Power Band because only the worthy ones can use the powers given by the Power Sphere. BoBoiBoy argues that he needs the power to protect Earth, which makes Captain Kaizo laughs. In response, he does a strong swipe of his Energy Sword, breaking the Thunder Blades. The energy wave from the impact travels across the nearby surroundings, which affects Ying's Power Band. Her Power Band deactivates her Time Manipulation power, causing the Toxic Plasma Blasts to fall on Yaya and Ying. Gopal, on the other hand, is safe because he manages to hide inside a tin.

Captain Kaizo approaches the unconscious BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and uses Energy Grip to capture him. He then tells BoBoiBoy to give up his Power Band and forget his friendship with Fang. BoBoiBoy remains stubborn and states that Fang is his friend. Meanwhile, Gopal challenges Lahap by throwing a rock at his direction and turns it into one of Yaya's biscuit before Lahap eats it. The taste of the biscuit makes Lahap mad and he is forced to let out all of the energy by shooting plasma blasts randomly due to the effect of her biscuits. The attack almost hits Captain Kaizo, but he successfully protects himself using Energy Wall. Unfortunately, BoBoiBoy is hit by the attack and he faints.

Lahap praises Yaya's biscuit because it is so toxic that he gives him the ability to create an extremely dangerous attack. Seeing Lahap is now addicted to her biscuits, Yaya feels touched that someone likes her biscuits. Then, Captain Kaizo orders Lahap to destroy them. Lahap takes out a bottle that is filled with dangerous toxic from his bag. Realizing what he is going to do, Fang feels shocked and uses Shadow Fingers to take away all of their Power Bands and gives them to Captain Kaizo. Fang persuades him to forget about BoBoiBoy and his friends because they are not his enemies. Fang apologizes to Captain Kaizo and he accepts his apology, and also gives Fang a warning not to disobey his orders ever again. After that, Captain Kaizo orders Lahap and Fang to return to their spaceship, but BoBoiBoy grabs Fang's leg and pleads him not to leave because he is his friend. Fang hesitates but moves his leg off of BoBoiBoy's grip, saying that he is not his friend angrily. The three aliens leave with their spaceship, leaving BoBoiBoy and his friends powerless.

After that incident, BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Yaya and Ying return to Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Cocoa Shop to treat their injuries. BoBoiBoy weakly apologizes to Ochobot for losing their powers given by him. Gopal suggests Ochobot to give them new powers, but Ochobot explains that he only has five powers. Gopal and Ying start to scorn that Fang is actually an evil alien after all, but BoBoiBoy and Yaya deny it and state that Fang is only being forced to obey his captain's orders. Tok Aba suggests that they should chase Captain Kaizo to get their powers back and Fang too. However, they feel that they cannot do it because they are no longer superheroes. When Ochobot hears the word "superhero", he gets an idea.

Meanwhile, in one of the rooms in Captain Kaizo's spaceship, Captain Kaizo places the four Power Bands that Fang has retrieved onto a pillar. Fang says that their mission is completed, but he denies and demands Fang to give up his Power Band as he is no longer worthy to wield two powers at once. Fang stares at his Power Band with a heavy heart and has a flashback of how he obtained his Shadow Powers from Ochobot.

Fang takes out his Power Band and hands it to Captain Kaizo. He places it with the other four Power Bands. After that, he contacts Lahap about their statuses and Lahap replies that everything is on set


Captain Kaizo is placing the five Power Bands onto a pillar.

and they are ready to move. Suddenly, their spaceship is attacked by another spaceship. Captain Kaizo and Fang immediately go to the Control Room and Captain Kaizo demands who is the culprit. Lahap obtains a signal and displays it on the screen. The culprit is revealed to be Adu Du as Supervillain Jero-Jero. BoBoiBoy appears on the screen too, demanding Fang to be released. BoBoiBoy's actions make Fang feel surprised.

The scene changes to view Adu Du's Bunker a few hours ago, where BoBoiBoy and his friends tried to ask help from Adu Du to save Fang, the evil alien.
FB IMG 14762835789985332

Supervillain Jero-Jero, move!

At first Adu Du refused to help them, but with all the persuasions about Fang as an evil alien successfully made Adu Du changed his mind and agreed to help BoBoiBoy.




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