• Neria Phan

    Yaya's Biscuits

    May 30, 2017 by Neria Phan

    My friend said that Monsta had revealed Fang ate Yaya's biscuits because her biscuits also had carrots.

    Is this true?

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  • KogitsuneRanbuIzayoi

    This channel has all the videos of ntv7's version of BoBoiBoy:

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  • FannyFan02


    May 12, 2017 by FannyFan02
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  • AzuraJae

    Hello, everyone! Not sure if anyone would read this, but just to let everyone know what's going on.

    Summative Week just started, basically, it's Exam Project week and I have to put full focus into my studies at the moment. I can't afford to fail, so I will using my utmost effort to get a passing grade. So from April 18th (today) to April 26th (about a week from now, at the time I'm writing this post). I might be putting a few edits here and there, but I might just be too busy.

    I will continue to contribute more to the wiki after my summative is over, as it is a study break (I get a week off)!

    That's all for now, 

    Tootaloo, my friends.

    - Jae (azurajae)

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  • JulianGabrielABelda


    April 14, 2017 by JulianGabrielABelda

    BoBoiBoy Pinklao

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  • BeldaJulian

    Boboiboy on ITV

    March 28, 2017 by BeldaJulian

    A youtuber named Boboiboy Pinklao keeps on publishing videos that Boboiboy is on ITV. But he only.. well. Editing episodes with ITV opening and ending idents and his ITV Angila Boboiboy video He put ITV Angila ident with commercial i don't like it anyways i sometimes get terrified of the ITVs he adds thats why i call people to watch it instead of me

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  • Iwan Udin

    1. Powerpuff Girls

    • Blossom
    • Bubbles
    • Buttercup

    2. Powerpuff Girls Z

    • Momoko Akatsutsumi
    • Miyako Gotokuji
    • Kaoru Matsubara

    3. Sailor Moon

    • Usagi Tsukino
    • Ami Mizuno
    • Rei Hino
    • Makoto Kino
    • Miyako Aino
    • Chibiusa
    • Setsuna Meiou
    • Haruka Tenou
    • Michiru Kaiou
    • Hotaru Tomoe

    4. Cardcaptor Sakura

    • Sakura Kinomoto
    • Tomoyo Daidouji
    • Meiling Li
    • Chiharu Mihara
    • Rika Sasaki
    • Naoko Yanagisawa

    5. Totally Spies

    • Sam
    • Clover
    • Alex
    • Britney
    • Dominique
    • Mandy
    • Caitlin
    • Mindy
    • Gabriella
    • Stella
    • Carmen
    • Crimson
    • Pam
    • Alice

    6. Winx Club

    • Bloom
    • Stella
    • Flora
    • Tecna
    • Musa
    • Aisha
    • Roxy
    • Daphne

    P.S.: Boboiboy still doesn't contains bathing suits scenes, but I hope it will be aired on Cartoon Network in entire of Europe only (including Armenia, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, & Turkey) along with Aikatsu & Powerpuff Girls Z.

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  • Kheshween


    March 19, 2017 by Kheshween

    hello,i am kheshwenda.Kheshween (talk) 08:25, March 19, 2017 (UTC)kheshwenda

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  • Neria Phan


    November 4, 2016 by Neria Phan

    Today is his birthday...

    And i have"made" a birthday cake for him!

    What about you guys?!

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  • Neria Phan

    Can anyone tell me...

    September 25, 2016 by Neria Phan

    Where is this scene come from?!

                                                         Hmm.....Anyone?Who knows                                                          this scene?


    Eh,I've never seen this scene....                                                               


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  • Neria Phan

    Before Fang comes to Earth,I wonder where Fang came from,how was his life with his brother,what did happend to them?

    Have anyone wondered about that?

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  • Wenjing17

    Okay, first of all... I am disappointed that Until Forever (the English version of Masih di Sini) did not make it in the movie... just the instrumental version. But I do wish that monsta will upload it on YouTube.

    Though, at least the voice actors are improving, especially for BoBoiBoy's Voice Actor. Well, it seems Azman Zulkiply still voices Bora Ra and he is doing great. No doubt for Fang, since he is still voiced by Wong Wai Kay.

    Most of the parts are great, though there are some being taken out. But hey, at least they still have the picture credits. Overall, the movie English Dub is still great.

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  • ProminentStar

    Okay, Uhm, so I've somewhat noticed something about the whole Elemental Split power of BoBoiBoy's.. And I wanna know, do others think that what's written below is good or sensible enough to go down on the page, Elemental Split, or is it something that isn't legit enough to be written on the page?

    It is possible that, each 'generation' of the Elemental Split powers have different features of their own that differentiates them from the others.

    • If we classify the Generations like so:
      • 1st Generation - BoBoiBoy Earth/ BoBoiBoy Earthquake, BoBoiBoy Lightning/ BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm and BoBoiBoy Wind/ BoBoiBoy Cyclone
      • 2nd Generation - BoBoiBoy Fire/ BoBoiBoy Blaze and BoBoiBoy Water/ BoBoiBoy Ice
      • 3rd Generation - BoBoiBoy Solar and BoBoiBoy Thorn
    • In te…
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  • Adu Du


    July 4, 2016 by Adu Du

    Can I make gallery page for boboiboy episode photos?

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  • Rahmad45

    if boboiboy has a manga will you buy it or read?

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  • AudreyBianca

    3 years, I guess.

    February 26, 2016 by AudreyBianca

    FFFFUU well, this is embarrassing. ((I'm dyiiiing why did I do this again))

    So... Anyway, it's been 3 years already since I last open this Wikia (I guess, unless I forgot my visitations here). And for the past three years, I've forgotten to use this so don't mind me if I do something embarrassing. Yesterday, I was searching for the Wikia of Owari no Seraph, since my friend told me that it has a Wikia page, and thought that maybe I should visit the other Wikia's I've been using during 2012-2013. I actually forgot this account's username and its password and I'm quite relief to say that I somehow remembered it. 

    Since it's been quite a while, allow me to introduce myself. I'm Audrey Bianca, I was an editor on this Boboiboy Wikia for quite a lo…

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  • JazzyMie22


    January 25, 2016 by JazzyMie22

    Hey guys! I'm sorry, if I became a bad admin. TT^TT

    Actually, it's been a really really long time since I last got here, due to school. Also, I may not be able to edit more than usual or before because, I'm not updated in any BBB episodes anymore. :(

    Or as I can say, I stopped watching it since I was in grade 6 (now I'm gr. 8). The last episode I watched is the last battle bettween Ejo Jo and BBB (See, I'm so left behind, I even forget what epsiode is it! TT^TT). 

    But, as an admin, I'll try my best to catch up on EVERYTHING I missed for 2 yrs to be exact. 

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  • Ariffuddinsapudin

    Assalamualaikum to Muslims and hello.

    What can I see in this Wiki, there are many grammatical errors.  I couldn't afford to correct all of them, but sometimes when I realized them, I will correct them.

    But what can I see as the biggest problem is the tense use.  Many articles I found they used sometimes past tense and sometimes present tense in the same article.  Maybe these would help you.

    • All episode plots or story retelling of past episode should be in PAST TENSE.
    • All general info such as name, birthdate or whatever else, it should be in PRESENT TENSE.

    I hope that the other contibutors can fix their grammar.  Ya, no one is perfect, even I do the grammatical errors too, we couldn't avoid it.  But we can't ignore the basic of the grammar.  And…

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  • Alfin MiqradzD

    I just want to earn "Something to Say" badge. Maybe i have an idea so i will write it in this blog next time.

    Alfin MiqradzD (talk) 09:51, December 25, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Ariffuddinsapudin

    Assalamualaikum to Muslims and hello.

    In this blog, I want to share how was the reality in Malaysia about BoBoiBoy.  In my experience, many people here considered watching is just a childish act.  I just wondered why there are some Malaysian that have such a narrow and unfair view on BoBoiBoy.   Sometimes, in certain places, when people know you are a BoBoiBoy, they will laugh and said this is for kids.

    With this experience, no wonder fans from Indonesia is bigger in amount than Malaysian.  What can I see in Indonesian fans, they are hoping they can make such a great animation like BoBoiBoy.  Really sad.  I only can say ungrateful Malaysian.

    But, the BoBoiBoy fans in Malaysia are still larger than Filipino and other countries.  I hope they ca…

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  • FrostiesPrincess

    I'm so sorry if you don't like that I deleted some pages and categories in this Wiki.

    I just found some of them aren't really important, ex: the quotes page, the category about years, like: 2013, 2014, etc. And, I also found some categories with wrong name, ex: "Gallery", the right one is "Galleries".

    Hope anyone don't feel upset about this :D

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  • JazzyMie22

    Hello guys! Where have you been? Why did you left me here...Huhuhu...Anyways, I really missed you guys, I hope you'll online sometime... :) :) :) Especially you kuya Dirk...X3 The real admin of this wikia...

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  • Echoson

    Fixing English

    October 5, 2015 by Echoson

    Due to the fact I have been speaking English for years (I am Malaysian for your infomation) I shall be fixing up some English.

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  • Boboiboyying33


    June 19, 2015 by Boboiboyying33

    BoBoiBoy will air in NTV7 in English version

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  • Boboiboyying33

    BoBoiBoy will air in NTV7 in English version

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  • Adu Du

    BoBoiBoy Transcript

    May 17, 2015 by Adu Du

    Hi everyone!
    Can we make a transcript (dialog) of boboiboy? If yes. Lets make it together, i can malaysian language

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  • Azhardripana1st

    Source here.


    The next batch of episodes of BoBoiBoy Season 3 (Episode 18 – 26) will be the LAST arc of the BoBoiBoy Series, and we are working hard to make sure the quality will satisfy all of our fans.

    However, our production team is currently working day and night on BoBoiBoy: The Movie, thus BoBoiBoy Episode 19 and onwards can only be completed and released after July this year. We will try to deliver it to our fans as soon as we can.

    Good news for our fans though, BoBoiBoy: The Movie’s production is going smoothly and to our Indonesian fans, we are currently in talks to release it in Indonesian Cinemas THIS YEAR! :D Stay tuned to our BoBoiBoy official channel (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for more updates on th…

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  • Azhardripana1st


    April 13, 2015 by Azhardripana1st

    Happy Birthday Fang !!! I hope you can more popular than BoBoiBoy. :p

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  • Kimraminaoperario

    My Favorite Character in Boboiboy 

    How about you do you have a favorite character?

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  • AishaZero9i18r

    Thanks for accept me in This wikia. I hope all of you can help me to do things that i can't do it because i'm still Beginner. Thank you.

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  • JazzyMie22


    October 31, 2014 by JazzyMie22

    I really want to rename my profile but how? Please help...T^T

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  • JazzyMie22


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  • FrostiesPrincess

    Well, BoBoiBoy: Power of Sphere was confirmed will be released at the end of 2014. But, until now I don't see another pictures or even the trailer. There's only a promotional poster pictures.

    What's haappen on the film?. Is the film's date will be change? Like the Season 3 Episode 6, that said it will be aired in June, later in September, later again in November? (See the official Facebook to know)

    Kinda annoying, really.

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  • Tazkya.kuntadi


    August 23, 2014 by Tazkya.kuntadi

    I searched about Boboiboy's new film: Sfera Kuasa and I found this wiki... And I interested to join, so that's what I'm doing :D

    Hi all, I'm Tazkya, one of the biggest Boboiboy fan in my country, Indonesia XD So let's talk about Boboiboy if we're on at the same time! X3

    Um... before that... may I ask something:

    Can we change our username? If can, how? Please tell me.

    That's all for a while. I hope there won't appear another fighting blog :)

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  • JazzyMie22

    I never saw BoBoiBoy in Disney Channel anymore...

    Do you guys have any idea what had happened? Its been a long time I never watched it in Disney. I'm also wondering why it doesn't aired anymore and so thus Upin & Ipin, and Waktu Rehat.

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  • Dirk tow mater celoso


    May 21, 2014 by Dirk tow mater celoso

    BoBoiBoy will air in NTV7 in English version

    Meanwhile, I found this on BoBoiBoy's facebook

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  • JazzyMie22


    May 15, 2014 by JazzyMie22

    This Wiki Looks Soooo NEW!!! I Love It!!!

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  • AudreyBianca

    Inactive shit

    April 20, 2014 by AudreyBianca

    Helo my lovies. (Lol)

    Sorry for being inactive for the past months. I've been an inactive shit for a period of time because of balancing my studies, writing in Wattpad, handling fictional characters, and fangirling over KathNiel. 

    Haha, Lol.

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  • Sapphire Girl

    Important Notice

    April 17, 2014 by Sapphire Girl

    Hi, I am pretty new here (my account is only a few weeks old) and I noticed something on lots of pages and articles that I have read on this wiki that should be fixed. I saw a lot of grammar errors, missing pluralization and incorrect spelling (eg.From Season 3, Episode 3 article: Many student were frightened and cannot speak anything. Should be: Many students were frightened and cannot speak anything.). No offense to you editors, but it seems that some of you aren't putting enough effort into this. We are grown-ups so let's type like grown-ups. Please don't take this as an insult, but more like a reminder about how you can improve. I sometimes try to edit and correct those grammar issues, but we can all cooperate. So all that I'm asking y…

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  • Sapphire Girl

    Grammar Issues

    April 17, 2014 by Sapphire Girl
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  • Dirk tow mater celoso

    I'm tired of editing here in this wiki, there is a user that likes to edit pages that BoBoiBoy is airing in ITV which is a fake informations.

    So I'm planning to lock some pages so nobody can edit it, just tell me if you need to.

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  • JazzyMie22

    Hey guys, were having our vacation tomorrow for 1 month and 5 days. But problem is there's no WiFi or internet there but no worries my cousins were there that makes my boring days away...



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  • Dirk tow mater celoso


    March 27, 2014 by Dirk tow mater celoso

    I saw videos on YouTube about BoBoiBoy airing on ITV, but I think they are fake

    The videos are created by BoBoiBoy Pinklao,  a user that likes to put pictures of BoBoiBoy with clocks and the worse thing is, he is saying that BoBoiBoy will air in ITV, despite fake, he showed me some evidences that it aired, (his edited BoBoiBoy episodes with ITV intro and ending videos) in youtube that he uploaded, I disliked some of his videos. Often, the fake airing dates shows that ITV first aired BoBoiBoy than TV3, aside from BoBoiBoy, he also says that other Malaysian shows like Bola Kampung and even the upcoming show Ejen Ali airs in British Channels.

    BoBoiBoy Pinklao first came here as Mr.Bally, after I banned him, he still create accounts:

    • Konesama
    • Guiuo…
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  • JazzyMie22

    Hello everyone and Good Evening!

    I know all of you/we heard about The Mystery Of The Missing Malaysian Airlines with 239 people on board including 2 infants (Kuala Lumpur-Beijing)...

    All of us didn't know or sure on where it is and what happened to it now, especially on how the passengers doing now.

    So let us pray for them and hope that they will find it and there will be a survivor in this mysterious incident.

    #PrayForMH370 Read more >
  • JazzyMie22

    Happy 13th Birthday To My Favorite Boy, BoBoiBoy!!! =D =D =D

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  • Audrey Pearl

    This Wiki Is Getting Messy And Quiet....... In My Mind, Like EVERYBODY HAS LOST INSTERST IN THIS WIKI OR BBB.... I Dont Really Edit Here Anymore Coz, I MOSTLY SPEND MY TIME WATCHING JAPANESE ANIME.... AND WE NEED NEW ADMIN NOW.... So, Yea.... Just Let U Guys Know That i dont edit here... 


    シチミキラ シチニノチツラノナ!!!!

    (Dango Daikazoku)

    So, Listen To This Sweet Song...   

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  • FrostiesPrincess

    I was very furious looks mostly of users being inactive after some fight that makes by troller and vandalism here. Also the admins that unactive, and look at the homepage that very messy.

    So, I plan to request new admins here. I don't know where I can to request to adoption wiki before, but I ask help to other wiki, and I got it. I've already make a request of this wiki to makes me as an admin (now it was categorized as on hold request by the wikia staff), but did you all agree? If anyone here also want to being admin, create a new request and wait until the Wikia staff to replied it.

    I hope it can be make the wiki being peace and normal again.

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  • JazzyMie22

    Hello guys! I know that you sometimes got bored on editing or got annoyed by this not so good converstaions like fightings and haters' comments.

    I know what you guys feel. I just want to say "Hi" to all of you and see how you're doing if your doing fine or not so by these interactive/annoying convers.

    I also heard that only few of you gets to online because of your homeworks, activities, final exams, fightings, and etc.

    I know that I'm online sometimes but not because I already hate BoBoiBoy but because it looks like everything or every article in okey, no mistakes but I just have to correct some few wrong grammars out here but I can't do it right now, I have to study for our NAT (National Achievement Test) this March 13 (Thursday). Wish me l…

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  • Audrey Pearl

    They Anounce The Next Episode Will Aired In Few Months Time....

    So, Here Is The Schedules For This Year Season.....

    Air Date Episodes
    June 2014 6 - 9
    September 2014 10 - 13
    December 2014 14- Final

    I Know its SOOOOOOO LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG...... But, Time Goes Fast U Know.... 

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  • Khristian I. Alcantara

    Why I can't edit some pages here and the other wiki... Dirk din't block me as I see but the loading is now taking longer than normal.

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