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BoBoiBoy: The Movie
BBB The Movie Logo
Official Title: BoBoiBoy: Sfera Kuasa
Release Date: March 2, 2016
3.00 a.m (GMT +0)
10.00 a.m (GMT +7)
11.00 a.m (GMT +8)
(Malaysia's and Indonesia's cinemas)
Directed by: Nizam Razak
Previous: Season 3
Next: BoBoiBoy Galaxy

BoBoiBoy: The Movie (BoBoiBoy: Sfera Kuasa) is an upcoming movie which will be released in March 2, 2016. The film will be aired on Cinema with 3D Glasses.

Release Dates

Animonsta confirmed the production of this movie will be expected done at October 2015 and probably will be released in March 2, 2016. This movie will be launched on Indonesia's and Malaysia's cinemas.


A group of alien treasure hunters named The Tengkotak has arrived on earth and kidnapped Ochobot in order to use him to locate an ancient and powerful “Sfera Kuasa” hiding on earth. BoBoiBoy and his super friends must now race against time to save Ochobot and uncover the secrets behind the “Sfera Kuasa”. Their journey will take them on an adventure filled with action, comedy, and beautiful locales.


BoBoiBoy and his friends goes on an adventure on a mysterious island that houses an ancient power sphere, older than Ochobot with untold powers. BoBoiBoy will meet his toughest foe yet, an alien treasure hunter who is looking to harness the power from this power sphere for his own greedy needs. It's now a race between BoBoiBoy and the aliens to reach the power sphere and unlock a new powers. Experience an exotic new place, never before seen villains and a new power from BoBoiBoy.

Cast & Characters

Characters Cast Role/Powers
BoBoiBoy Nur Fathiah (bt) Diaz Earth, Wind, Lightning, Fire, Water
Yaya Nur Sarah Alisya Gravity Manipulation
Ying Yap Ee Jean Time Manipulation
Gopal Dzubir Mohd Zakaria Molecular Manipulation
Fang Wong Wai Kay Shadow Manipulation
Ochobot Mohd Fathi (b) Diaz Generation 9 Power Spheres
Adu Du Anas Abdul Aziz Role: BoBoiBoy's Arch Enemy
Probe Anas Abdul Aziz Role: Robot Sidekick
Tok Aba Anas Abdul Aziz Role: Grandfather & Mentor
Papa Zola Nizam Razak Role: Teacher & Mentor
Bora Ra Azman Zukiply Blackhole
Yoyo Oo Anas Abdul Aziz Mechamancer
Gaga Naz To be announced... Cybernetic Arms
Klamkabot To be announced... Generation 1 Power Sphere
Kiki Ta To be announced... Role: Pilot
Cici Ko To be announced... Role: Janitor


  • Supported by: Multimedia Development Corporation & Finas
  • Distributed by: Primeworks Studios
  • Directed by: Nizam Razak
  • Written by: Nizam Razak & Anas Abdul Aziz
  • Production Director: Kee Yong Pin
  • Casting Director: Ezdiani Ahmad Fawzi
  • Art Director: Safwan Karim
  • Starring: Nur Fathiah Diaz, Nur Sarah Alisya, Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria, Yap Ee Jean, Wong Wai Kay, Mohd Fathi Diaz, Azman Zulkiply, Usamah Widiatmoko, Chan Su Ling, Anas Abdul Aziz, and Nizam Razak
    • Featuring: Fara Fauzana (Hot FM) & Mohammed Azmir Selamat (AG) (Hot FM)
  • Music by: Yuri Wong
  • Concept Art: Azalil Aizat, Haireey Hashnan, Hilman Muhamad, Fakeez Adnan
  • Head Character Modeler: Zamri Mustapha
  • Character Modelers: Nurul Amanina & Sharifa Sarah
  • Head Animation: Noriman Saffian & Rashdan Fahirurazi
  • Animators: Nazrul Hadi, Hafiz Ashraf, Muhammad Zharif Fikri, Mohd Asfian, Raja Nukman, Ferdiawan Gunarto, Husna Faizal, Ahmad Syarqawi
  • Set Designers: Faszirul Azzery & Ahmad Fadzil
  • Head Rendering: Ho Che Seund & Muhammad Khairul Aladin.
  • Head Compositing: Muhammad Akid Jamel & Nurasyikin Abdul Khalit
  • Compositors: Wu Chyntia, Farhana Zainal Abidin, Rizki Pratama Novianto, Dzulkifli Ehsan, and Yasmin Khairudin
  • Audio Designers:  Usamah Widiatmoko, Behrooz Zandi Tavasol, Mohd Mustazza, and Shamir Supaat
  • Production Designers: Nurul Izzatuleffa & Rashid Zakaria
  • Event & Merchandise: Ilyana Ramlan & Mohd Shaffie Ramli
  • Brand & Marketing: Faiz Zainal Aabidin, Ehsan Azaruddin, Adelia Citra Hapsari, and Weng Lok Yim
  • Management & Finance: Nur Syahirah Ariffin, Meldanovita Umar, Wan Mazlinda, Zuraidah Ahmad



  • So far, Monsta has released 2 trailers for this movie.
  • Actually, the first air date is November 26, 2015. But the air date was changed to March 2, 2016 to avoid competitions.
  • Probably this is will be the first time BoBoiBoy seen without his cap, according to the exclusive sneak peek video. Though his head still covered with his pillow.
  • This movie introduces BoBoiBoy's toughest enemy yet, the Tengkotak alien group.
  • This movie probably airing after the end of BoBoiBoy Series (Season 3, Episode 26)


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