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BoBoiBoy: The Movie
(BoBoiBoy: Sfera Kuasa) is an upcoming movie which will be released in late 2015. The film will be aired on Cinema with 3D Glasses.

Release Dates

Animonsta confirmed the production of this movie will be expected done at March 2015 and probably will be released in 26 November 2015 10:00 (GMT +8). Currently they are working on deals to bring this movie to Indonesia, Philippines, other countries and Thailand are Watch Channel On ITV Movie Premiere.

Descriptions from the Animonsta Studios

"Our first product, BoBoiBoy is about the adventure of BoBoiBoy and his friends fighting against Aliens who are invading Earth for Coffee. BoBoiBoy is a television series which will later be branced into a full feature film for Theatrical Release. The Show is targeted to children and teenagers through written that is suitable for the whole family to watch together."

(Note: Animonsta Studios replaced Coffee with Cocoa because Coffee doens't appear well to children)


A group of alien treasure hunters named The Tengkotak has arrived on earth and kidnapped Ochobot in order to use him to locate an ancient and powerful “Sfera Kuasa” hiding on earth. BoBoiBoy and his super friends must now race against time to save Ochobot and uncover the secrets behind the “Sfera Kuasa”. Their journey will take them on an adventure filled with action, comedy, and beautiful locales.


BoBoiBoy and his friends goes on an adventure on a mysterious island that houses an ancient power sphere, older than Ochobot with untold powers. BoBoiBoy will meet his toughest foe yet, an alien treasure hunter who is looking to harness the power from this power sphere for his own greedy needs. It's now a race between BoBoiBoy and the aliens to reach the power sphere and unlock a new powers. Experience an exotic new place, never before seen villains and a new power from BoBoiBoy.

Cast & Characters

Characters Cast Role/Powers
BoBoiBoy Nur Fathiah (bt) Diaz Earth, Wind, Lightning, Fire, Water
Johnny English Rowan Atkinson Dare Power Taken From Hero BoBoiBoy's
Yaya Nur Sarah Alisya Gravity Manipulation
Ying Yap Ee Jean Time Manipulation
Gopal Dzubir Mohd Zakaria Molecular Manipulation
Fang Wong Wai Kay Shadow Manipulation
Benny Hill Ryan Lee Bhaskaran funny and Taken From Hero BoBoiBoy's
Ochobot Mohd Fathi (b) Diaz Generation 9 Power Sphere
Adu Du Anas Abdul Aziz Role: BoBoiBoy's Arch Enemy
Probe Anas Abdul Aziz Role: Robot Sidekick
Tok Aba Anas Abdul Aziz Role: Grandfather & Mentor
Papa Zola Nizam Razak Role: Teacher & Mentor
Bora Ra Azman Zulkiply Blackhole
Yoyo Oo Anas Abdul Aziz Mechamancer
Gaga Naz To be announced... Cybernetic Arms
Klamkabot To be announced... Generation 1 Power Sphere
Kiki Ta To be announced... Role: Pilot
Cici Ko To be announced... Role: Janitor


Concept Art



OST: BoBoiBoy The Movie
BoBoiBoy The Movie Theme OST My Heart Will Go On04:41

BoBoiBoy The Movie Theme OST My Heart Will Go On

BoBoiBoy: The Movie Official Teaser
BoBoiBoy The Movie Official Teaser-201:05

BoBoiBoy The Movie Official Teaser-2

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