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BoBoiBoy: The Power Sphere
(BoBoiBoy: Sfera Kuasa) is an upcoming movie which will be released in 2015. The film will be aired on Cinema with 3D Glasses.

Release Dates

Animonsta confirmed the production of this movie will be expected done at March 2015 and probably will be released in November 2015. Currently they are working on deals to bring this movie to Indonesia, Philippines, and other countries.

Descriptions from the Animonsta Studios

"Our first product, BoBoiBoy is about the adventure of BoBoiBoy and his friends fighting against Aliens who are invading Earth for Coffee. BoBoiBoy is a television series which will later be branced into a full feature film for Theatrical Release. The Show is targeted to children and teenagers through written that is suitable for the whole family to watch together."

(Note: Animonsta Studios replaced Coffee with Cocoa because Coffee doens't appear well to children)

Cast & Characters


Concept Art



Upcoming BoBoiBoy Movie
Bersama Animonsta - Filem Boboiboy Akan Datang03:19

Bersama Animonsta - Filem Boboiboy Akan Datang

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