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BoBoiBoy Earth
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Original Name: BoBoiBoy Tanah
Power Element Earth
Member of: The 3 BoBoiBoy
Color: Red
Personality: Happy
Performer: Nur Fathiah Diaz

(Malay) Wong Wai Kay (Dinsey Channel English version) Alexander Rudra Keith Henderson (YouTube English version)

First appearance: Season 1, Episode 2

BoBoiBoy Earth is one of the 3 BoBoiBoys when split, the others are BoBoiBoy Lightning and BoBoiBoy Wind, later evolved to BoBoiBoy Earthquake in Season 1, Episode 13.


The stats are same to BoBoiBoy.



He is the first BoBoiBoy that attacked Adu Du and Super Probe in Episode 4. By Adu Du.

He is the last of the 3 BoBoiBoy that achieve his true potential.


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