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BoBoiBoy Episodes Transcript is the page where the full dialogues of the series can be see and read.

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1

(Scene opens when BoBoiBoy is chased by Super Probe)

(BoBoiBoy Theme Song: BoBoiBoy, Our Superhero!/BoBoiBoy, Superhero Kita!)

Train Driver: Ladies and Gentlemen, In a short while, will be arriving in our destination, Thank you for choosing Yong Pin Aerotrain. Thank God atlast I'm here, now I can practice for my vacation...

(BoBoiBoy laughs)

Train DriverButterflies are flying very high!, flying up!

(BoBoiBoy enters the Driver's Cab)

Train Driver: Hey kid, childrens are not allowed in here! What, the mike is still on...?

(The camera zooms at the mike)

Train Driver: Oh no!

(BoBoiBoy left the Driver's Cab)

Train Driver: Forgive me from the slight error, thank you and please don't report it to my Boss...
BoBoiBoy: Hehehe! Awesome, I have to tell granddad this story.

(Meanwhile, in Outer Space)

Computer: Finally, we have reach the last sector
Adu Du: Good, and now we can start searching.
Computer: Searching Command Signal, this data shows the high source coming from one of the planets...
Adu Du: Which Planet?
Computer: Planet Earth.
Adu Du: Planet Earth, eh? Let's move now!

(Back at Earth)

Announcer: Warning High Speed Train approaching, passengers must stay behind the Yellow line to avoid any accidents.

Tok Aba: Oh, I can't wait to see my grandson.

(Back at the train)

BoBoiBoy: Thank you brother for keeping me company.
Ernie: You're welcome, say my regards to Granddad and don't be naughty.
BoBoiBoy: Bye!
Ernie: Bye!
BoBoiBoy: I can't wait to see granddad!

(The doors at the train opens)

Tok Aba: BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy: Granddad!

(Suddenly they hugged the wrong person)

Tok Aba: BoBoiBoy, you really grew up BoBoiBoy.
Child Passenger: Hmmm, granddad...
Tok Aba: Yes?
Child Passenger: I'm not BoBoiBoy.
Tok Aba: Huh?
BoBoiBoy: Wow! Look likes you're getting younger granddad!
Tok Aba: Hey! What are you doing, BoBoiBoy/! Who's that you're hugging?

(BoBoiBoy finds out that he is hugging someone else)

BoBoiBoy: Huh? Eh, sorry sir!

(Tok Aba get's disappointed)

Tok Aba: Hmph!
Child Passenger: Come on, you're desame too!
BoBoiBoy: He's right granddad.
Tok Aba: Well it's ok for me. Im old, you on the other hand is still young...
BoBoiBoy: How are you granddad?
Tok Aba: Really good actually, come along let's go home.
BoBoiBoy: You know Granddad, the Driver forgot to switch off his mike!
Tok Aba: Oh come on, give him a break.

(The old man is trying to hug his real grandson)

Child Passenger: Eh, who are you uncle?

(Back in Outer Space)

Computer: Boss! We found the most powerful source of power, Cocoa Power.
Adu Du: What? Cocoa Power?!
Probe: You still don't know about this Mr. Boss?
Adu Du: I do! But I, uhmm... forgot.
Computer: Cocoa is the strongest source of energy, this type of energy does not exist anymore.
Adu Du: What? We must get ahold of this power! Computer, switch on the lights! Project a hologram of Earth! Hmmm, I know there are lots of energy here! Look! There is no one living in this planet...

(Adu Du points the moon)

Computer: Err, that's the Moon, not Earth.
Adu Du: I know that...
Probe: Good for you!
Adu Du: Silence!

(Adu Du throwed his cup to him)

Probe: Ouch!
Adu Du: Computer! Get information about Cocoa on planet Earth.
Computer: Yes, Boss!

(Back at Earth)

Tok Aba: We are here! Let's go.

(BoBoiBoy jumps out the motorbike)

BoBoiBoy: Wah! You're house is like a real Antique. Hehehe, much like the owner~
Tok Aba: What did you say BoBoiBoy? You're quite a comediant aren't you.
BoBoiBoy: Hehehe!
Tok Aba: Get in...

(Tok Aba showed BoBoiBoy the way to his room)

Tok Aba: Even though it's empty, it's still strong. Heh, much like the owner...
BoBoiBoy: Yes, I believe you...

(Tok Aba switched on the lights and BoBoiBoy was amazed of his beautiful room)

Tok Aba: Here's you're room.
BoBoiBoy: Wow! you decorated this room yourself?
Tok Aba: Well who else then? I hope you like it you're not staying here for long anyway.

(BoBoiBoy looks in the window)

BoBoiBoy: Woah! This is great!
Tok Aba: Good thing you are here too cause I could really use some help now that Im old-- Huh?

(BoBoiBoy fell to sleep in the window)

Tok Aba: Not having sleeping, oh my, how can you fall to sleep while Im talking? BoBoiBoy wake up!

(Tok Aba takes his grandson to his bed and BoBoiBoy lay down)

Tok Aba: My poor grandson must be very tired.

(Back in Outer Space)

Computer: Look likes people on Earth use Cocoa as a source of food
Adu Du: What? All of them eat Cocoa?, don't they know that Cocoa is a greatest source of energy!
Probe: What  else? You just found that out too
Adu Du: Silence! Now get ready to land on Earth and make an announcement! I will forced people on Planet Earth to hand me all the Cocoa! Muahahahahahahahaha!

(Rooster crows)

BoBoiBoy: Granddad? Granddad? Hmmm, now where did he go?

(BoBoiBoy searched the whole house)

BoBoiBoy: Where is he? Hmm... Eh?

(BoBoiBoy reads the note to find his Granddad)

BoBoiBoy: Meet at Tok Aba's shop?

(BoBoiBoy came out of the house)

BoBoiBoy: Okay, lock the door, yes! Now say hi to Yaya. So she looks like this? Huh, Yaya?
Yaya: Hi BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy: Warghhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Yaya blinked her eyes)

BoBoiBoy: Oh my! You startled me!
Yaya: Hehehe...
BoBoiBoy: Hey, how do you know my name?
Yaya: Oh, your Granddad told me...
BoBoiBoy: Oh, he likes doing that...

(Note: The scene when BoBoiBoy said to Yaya that Granddad likes to gossip his name is cutted at Disney Channel Asia. But it was corrected at YouTube English Version)

BoBoiBoy: He asked me to tell you, thank you for the biscuits last night.
Yaya: Oh, your welcome! He must like my biscuits very much! Yup Yup Yup?
BoBoiBoy: Maybe? I don't know? Got to go Yaya, Im going to Granddad's Shop.
Yaya: Going to his shop? 
BoBoiBoy: Yes...
Yaya: Oh! That's easy, you just turn right and then...
BoBoiBoy: No, no! It's okay, he gave me directions already. Bye! See you again!
Yaya: Err, see you later...
Tok Aba: First of all take the stairs down and cross the road, be careful of passing cars. Go down some more steps and be careful near that small hill...

BoBoiBoy: Ahhhhhh! Ahhhhhh!
Tok Aba: There are wild dogs!

And then you will reach a rubber plantation, and after that rubber plantation you will reach the beach.

(One Hour Later)

Immediately after that, just go straight, you just go straight, keep on walking straight until you see my shop.

Tok Aba: Hah! Good, you found it
BoBoiBoy: It's so tiring, how in the world do you walk in this place everyday? I feel sorry for you.
Tok Aba: You don't need too, I take the motorbike. It's actually close, you see!

(BoBoiBoy is surprised when he see that his granddad's house is close to his shop and then faint)

Tok Aba: Hehe!
BoBoiBoy: Why did you, make me that long walk to your shop?
Tok Aba: I thought, you could exercise a bit.
BoBoiBoy: Hmmm, I'm lucky I have a Granddad like you...
Tok Aba: Hehehehe!
Yaya: Hi BoBoiBoy! You must be tired, right? Yup, Yup, Yup?
BoBoiBoy: Hmmmm...
Yaya: It's your fault, I wanted to help you.
BoBoiBoy: Yes, I know. But I was shy Mimi...
Yaya: Huh?! Mimi?! I'm Yaya, okay!
BoBoiBoy: Hehehe, Im sorry! I thought your name was Mimi.
Yaya: So difficult! I remember your name and you don't remember mine! Hmph!

(Yaya get's upset)

Tok Aba: Enough! Enough! No fighting please! I don't want you guys to scare off my customers.

(BoBoiBoy, wondering about the shop)

BoBoiBoy: Huh?

(Looking at the shop)

BoBoiBoy: What kind of shop is this?
Gopal: You, don't know your own granddad's shop?
BoBoiBoy: Huh? Who are you?
Gopal: Haha! It's ok if you don't know, allow me to explain.

This is your Granddad's Cocoa Shop --

BoBoiBoy: Who's that boy Granddad?
Tok Aba: He is Gopal, he's the most loyal customer but wants free food.
Gopal: He makes foods and drinks from chocolate. There's Chocolate Cake! Chocolate Ice Cream! Chocolate Pastry! And being famous, Granddad's Special Hot Chocolate!
BoBoiBoy: Something's not right about that boy.
Gopal: And you're own delivers are the best! Just like it's Shop's Motto "Delivering the best!"

(Yaya and BoBoiBoy, looked at each other)

Gopal: Be a loyal customer like me, and enjoy, an unbelievable 100% discount!
Tok Aba: Hey! 
Gopal: Ah!
Tok Aba: Since when Gopal, you just made it all up.
Gopal: Hihihi! Hi!
BoBoiBoy: Oh, I'm BoBoiBoy!
Gopal: Gopal, your best friend! Granddad, I'm his best friend now, so can I get a free hot chocolate?

(Tok Aba get's upset)

Gopal: What? I was just asking!

(Telephone rings)

Tok Aba: BoBoiBoy! Pick up the phone!
BoBoiBoy: Hello?
Ying: Hello Granddad!
BoBoiBoy: Oh! This is not Granddad!
Ying: Ohh! This is BoBoiBoy (she pronounced as BoBoy-Boy)
BoBoiBoy: Yes, yes!
Ying: Ahm, hehe, I'm Ying, and I would like to order a drink!
BoBoiBoy: Oh, of course! What do you like?
Ying: One Special Hot Chocolate!
BoBoiBoy: Okay! Granddad One Special Hot Chocolate!
Ying: Ahm, I'm having it here!
BoBoiBoy: Ha! Having here!
Tok Aba: Okay!
BoBoiBoy: Huh?
Ying: Ahm, hehehe, Thank you! Hihihi!
BoBoiBoy: Your welcome. Hey Ying, why did you just order from here?
Ying: Because I'm shy! Hehehe!
Gopal: Hmph! Let her be! She's a weird girl, better than watching TV...

(The sky becames dark and thunder and lightning strikes)

Adu Du: Attention Earthlings! Listen, I'm Adu Du, from the Planet Ata Ta Tiga!

(BoBoiBoy, Yaya, Gopal and Ying were surprised)

BoBoiBoy, Yaya, Gopal, and Ying: Huh?!

Adu Du: Listen! I want you to hand me all the Cocoa or not you'll face the destruction!...

(BoBoiBoy changed the channel)
Gopal: Hey! Why did you changed it?
BoBoiBoy: Hmmm, the show is not that good
Gopal: But it is good

(In the spaceship)

Computer: They thought that your announcement was a TV program
Adu Du: Hopeless Earthlings!
Probe: Mister Boss I collected all the informations on Earth People, and it's, it's really scary!
Adu Du: Huh? What's so scary
Probe: Ju...just look at this boss! Just look what have they done to all the green creatures. They cut the green creatures into smaller pieces

(Adu Du got shock)

Probe: And after that, they put it in a hot boiling water...

(Adu Du got shock even more)

Probe: And after that, they will feed the boiled creatures to the children and force them to finish everything...

(Adu Du faints)

Adu Du: Why are there so cruel to a green colored creatures like me!
Probe: Huh, luckily I'm purple...
Computer: No wonder they don't care about  your announcement just now
Adu Du: Looks like we have no other choice, but we have to use the Ball of Power!

(The camera shows the ball of power)

Computer: But boss, we'll need a lot of power to activate the Ball of Power!
Adu Du: Yes I know, but now let us use the Cocoa Energy now! Probe! Go out and steal some Cocoa!
Probe: Huh? Why do I have to do it boss?
Adu Du: Because you're color is purple.
Probe: Why do I have to be Purple?

(At the shop)

Tok Aba: Ok BoboiBoy, Im going out for a while. Please take care of the shop.
BoBoiBoy: But granddad, I don't know how to? What will I do if there many customers?
Tok Aba: Only customers will be coming, not aliens! Bye!
BoBoiBoy: Hmmmm...

(Later, while BoBoiBoy is cleaning the table)

BoBoiBoy: What's wrong with granddad? what if a real alien actually comes here

(Probe steals one of the Cocoa in Can)

BoBoiBoy: Huh? Hmmm...
Probe: Huh, Lucky he did not see me...

(Probe saws a electric billboard that is cutting an eggplant which scares him)

Probe: Oh no! Even the purple color is not safe!
BoBoiBoy: Hey, you! A thief!
Probe: Ahhhhh!
BoBoiBoy: Don't run!
Probe: Don't eat me, I'm not delicious!
BoBoiBoy: Stop now! Stop now!
Probe: Ahhhhhh!

(BoBoiBoy chased Probe to the Junk Shop where Adu Du's Spaceship is parked)

BoBoiBoy: It's serious, Granddad will gonna be serious. Where in the world thats thing just now.

(BoBoiBoy saw Probe getting on board at the spaceship)

BoBoiBoy: Huh? Where is he going to?

(At the spaceship)

Probe: Mister Boss, I manage to steal some Cocoa...
Adu Du: Very Good!
Probe: Thank you! I knew I--

(Adu Du throwed his cup towards Probe)

Probe: Ouch! What did I do?
Adu Du: You had given us wrong informations!
Computer: People on Earth do not eat green creatures, the pictures you showed are pictures of vegetables.

(BoBoiBoy is trying to enter the room)

Adu Du: Hey you! Stop now!

(Probe tried to go out to return the Cocoa which BoBoiBoy mistaken as he was the one who's scolded)

Adu Du: Where do you think you're going, huh?
BoBoiBoy: Ehhh...
Probe: Going out to return the Cocoa sir...
Adu Du: But why do you want to send the Cocoa back? Come here!
Probe: Since Earthpeople are not violent, then we don't need the Cocoa Power to activate the Ball of Power.
Adu Du: Computer! Give him a slap!
Computer: Alright, Boss!
(Computer slapped Probe which made him turn around and around)
Probe: Ouchhhhhhhhh!
Adu DuNumbskull! Can't you see this is the perfect time for Earth to activate the Ball of Power using Cocoa Power, with this energy, we will rule the whole wide world and take away all the Cocoa.
Probe: Ouch! That's hurts!
Adu Du: Enough! Follow me to the weapons room.
BoBoiBoy: That's the alien from the TV just now!

(Adu Du, Probe, and Computer, entered the room)

Adu Du: Computer, put on the Cocoa Power now!
Computer: Alright!

(Computer, putting the cocoa inside Ochobot, the Ball of Power is strating to active)

Adu Du: Hahahahaha! And trough the magic of cocoa we can no activate the Ball of Power!
BoBoiBoy: Oh, so that's how they get the energy from, I must get back that cocoa.
Computer: Boss! The Ball of Power needs some more time to be activated.

(Adu Du, looking at Probe)

Probe: Huh? What?
Adu Du:: Ah, Computer, put the cocoa inside Probe!
Copmuter: Alright, Boss!

(Computer putting some cocoa inside Probe)

Adu Du: How does it feel Probe? How is it?
Probe: I feel... I fell... This cocoa is delicious!
Adu Du: Huh?! What?!

(Adu Du throws his mug into Probe but he suddenly became strong)

Adu Du:: Probe!

(Adu Du accidently drop the cocoa and BoBoiBoy came down from the celling)

Computer: Boss! Probe settled in there!
Adu Du: Computer! Switch on the lights now!

(The lights turned on, and Probe became big and even more stronger)

Probe: I am Super Probe, robot destroyer! Hiyah!

(Used a grinder to cut something)

Adu Du: Hehehe!

(Probe almost shoot a laser towards Adu Du)

Adu Du: Eh! Enough, enough!
Probe:: Oh No!
Adu Du: What do you mean "no, no" at me? If this ship explodes, are you going to replace it?
Computer: Boss, the Ball of Power is now active.
Adu Du: Good! Now follow me!

(BoBoiBoy jump out of the celling, picked up the cocoa and run)

Season 1, Episode 2

Adu Du:In the last episode, I arrived on Earth to take away and steal all the Cocoa.

With the power of Cocoa, I activated the Ball of Power.

But that boy, BoBoiBoy, had stolen my Ball of Power, I have no idea what he had done with this

I will find you BoBoiBoy, BoBoi-Boy, that's name is like a sound system.

ToToiToy:Vroom! Vroom! wuni-wuni Wuni!

BoBoiBoy:Lightning Sword!


Ochobot:Haah, that's a lightning umbrella

BoboiBoy:How did I do it last night Huh?

Lightning Sword!

Ochobot:Yay defeat him Boboiboy

(Adudu Suprised) just a ball(Disguies as a soccer ball and bounce)

Adu Du: So annoying, the Ball of Power]] had given them more powers.

Season 1, Episode 3

Tok Aba: You guys want to know what happened last week? Heh, Atok has no idea too. All I remembered was that I fainted... After I woke up, I ask BoBoiBoy. He told me him and his friends are now superheroes, and then this alien was called Adu Du who wants to conquer Earth for the cocoa! My grandson must be joking...

BoBoiBoy: Adu Du would do anything for the cocoa.
Tok Aba: Oh, so that's it... Ermm, I have another question.
BoBoiBoy: Oh, what is it, Atok?
Tok Aba: So Ochobot will follow anyone who activates him, right?
BoBoiBoy: Yes, that's right.
Tok Aba: Whose cocoa did you use to activates him?
BoBoiBoy: Well, Atok's cocoa.
Tok Aba:So, the robot's mine then!
Ochobot: Yes, may I have your order.
Tok Aba: I'm so lucky to get a free worker!

(BoBoiBoy Theme Song: BoBoiBoy, Our Superhero!/BoBoiBoy, Superhero Kita!)

BoBoiBoy: Six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven... Twelve...
Adu Du: Look at that! How can I defeat BoBoiBoy? He's not only good at fighting, he can play football too!
Probe: That's right, he's amazing boss!
Adu Du: Shut up! You won't get your pay this month.
Probe: But I've never gotten paid!
Adu Du: Computer! Have you completed my monster?
Computer: It's done, boss.
Adu Du: Good... Probe, send the...
Computer: Uh... The Multi-Monster?
Adu Du: Send the Multi-Monster to BoBoiBoy and eat him up!

(Adu Du and Probe laughs)

Adu Du: You're still here?!
Probe: You mean I should be gone by now?

(Adu Du get's upset)

Probe: Ok ok, I'm off, I'm off.

(Back at the field)

BoBoiBoy: 95, 96, 97, 98, 99... Alright! This is my record breaking kick of the--

(Suddenly, Gopal appeared in front of BoBoiBoy)

Gopal: BoBoiBoy!
BoBoiBoy: Wargh!
Gopal: BoBoiBoy! I have a huge problem!

Multi Monster: Now it's my turn!
BoBoiBoy Lightning: Ehem, ehem! Hi! Hiyargh!

(BoBoiBoy Lightning striked the Multi Monster)

Adu Du: Huh?
BoBoiBoy Lightning: Fuh!
BoBoiBoy Wind: Alright, we won!
BoBoiBoy Earth: Yeah, didnt't I tell you so?
Adu Du: No BoBoiBoy... It has only just begin!

(The Multi Monster continues to multiply into dozen of creatures)

Season 1, Episode 4

Probe:In the last episode, BoBoiBoy managed to defeat the Powerful Multi Monster and review my Boss's Plans

Multi Monster:Do you think I'm easily going to tell you his plans

Adudu:Creature, BoBoiBoy tried to stop me from kidnapping Ying but he failed


After that BoBoiBoy tried to get help from Gopal,

unfortunately, Gopal doesn't know what's his real power is!

BoBoiBoy:Gopal are you alright?


BoBoiBoy:What are you trying to prove?

Gopal:What else? I'm still searching for my powers!

BoBoiBoy:Adudu sent a monster to defeat me and they have kidnap Ying

Gopal:That's definitely more important

(Adudu is seen surprised of Gopal's Powers)

(Gopal bite a Lollipop)

Gopal:Hmmm, this taste delicious

Episode 9 BoBoiBoy's Weakness Pt.1

Adudu:That useless BoboiBoy! He and his friends destroyed my beautiful Spaceship! How dare he changed my spaceship into food! This is all because of that Ball of Power! If not, I could have taken all the Cocoa in the world.

And talking about Cocoa, Only Granddad's Cocoa has the greatest potential! And now, I need to return and continue my Cocoa experiment

(Adudu started to experiment the Cocoa and later....)

Computer:Boss, the Cocoa Experiment is complete!

Adudu:Very good! Probe, come here now!


(Adudu put another Cocoa inside Probe)

Adudu:Hahahahaha! I've finally done it!

Probe:Haha! I am Probe the Washing Machine!

Adudu:Huh, What?

Probe:I will wash BoboiBoy until he loses all traces of goodness!

(Probe returns to normal)

Computer:Boss! Looks like your experiment just failed again

Adudu:Useless! I've done this a thousand times! and I am still failing

Computer:Patience, Boss. You've only done this ten times.

Adudu:What do you mean Patience? I want Tok Aba's recipe and I want it right now!

Computer:Looks like Tok Aba's Cocoa mix is very unique.

Adudu:Surely we can find his secret recipe formula! Get my Slave Robots to find Granddad's recipe now!

Computer:Alright, boss!

(At Tok Aba's House)

Tok Aba:BoboiBoy! BoboiBoy! Wake up! Wake up BoboiBoy!


Tok Aba:Help!

BoBoiBoy:BoboiBoy Times Three Power!

BoBoiBoy Land:What's wrong, Granddad?

Tok Aba:Can you help me send this Cocoas Please?

(The Three BoboiBoys where surprised)

BoBoiBoy Land:Granddad, I thought, it's something big is serious!

BoBoiBoy Wind:He had trick all of us!

Tok Aba:Yeah Awesome!


BoBoiBoy:Can't we send those Cocoas later in the afternoon

Ochobot:Of course not!

Tok Aba:People need to use the Cocoas in the morning

Ochobot:We have to send it before 7 am! Be punctual! Always maintain the Granddad's Cocoa Shop Integrity!

BoBoiBoy:Why is he so excited all of a sudden?

Tok Aba:Of course! He is the Most awesome employee of the Month!

Ochobot:Cool Right! Hehehehe!

Tok Aba:Here! Address and Map.

Ochobot, you can follow BoBoiBoy!

Ok Boss!

Tok Aba:Hahaha

(One of Adudu's Robots is looking at the back of Tok Aba's Cocoa Shop)

BoBoiBoy:Ok. We have to deliver to Uncle Kumar, Auntie Yah and Ying's Grandma

Ochobot:Can we do all this BoBoiBoy? You have to go to all these three places!

BoBoiBoy:Hehehe, no problem!, BoBoiBoy Times Three Power!

Ochobot:You can't do like this, this is wrong Ok.

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Why is it wrong? Im just trying to help Granddad.

Ochobot:Hey, Don't you know it? The more you guys are separated, The more forgetful you become!

BoBoiBoy Wind:It's Ok, it's just for a short while!

Ochobot:Well that's up to you, but don't take a long time.

BoBoiBoy Land:Ok you go to Auntie Yah, you Ying's Grandma and I will go to Uncle Kumar.


(Back at Tok Aba's Cocoa Shop)

Tok Aba:Hah,

Adudu:That must be the recipe book. Get the book now!

(Adudu's Robots Attacks)

Tok Aba:Huh, Ahhh!

(Tok Aba is shaking)

Gopal:Stop now you worthless robots!

Don't worry Grand....

(A robot shoots the lamp post)


What do we do now? What do we do now?

Tok Aba:Hmmm, useless kid,

Why don't you just turn the robots into food like always?

Gopal:My power is only strong when Im afraid!

Tok Aba:But you are frightened now right?

Gopal:You're right!

Get away from my sight before I turn you into chickadees!

Tok Aba:Gopal! behind you!


(He transformed the robots into chickadees)


Yah! Yah! Yah!

Oh no! Im not afraid now!

I need to be more frightened!

What Do I do now?

Tok Aba:Gopal!

(Tok Aba throwed the recipe book to Gopal)


(the three remaining robots also transformed into chickadees)

Adudu:What happened?, How did he become strong all of a sudden?

Probe:Maybe that what's written in the book is scary!

Computer:I think that must be the Book with Tok Aba's Secret Recipe!

Adudu:We must get that book!

But how can we get it?

Probe:I know Mister Boss! It's really easy

(Probe whispered his idea to Adudu)

Popet Popet Popet Popet Popet Popet Popet Popet Popet

Adudu:What are you whispering Probe? Popet! Popet!

I don't understand what you're saying!

Probe:Like this Mister Boss, at first, we must.......

(Back at the Cocoa Shop)

Tok Aba:Oy,! What are you doing?

Gopal:Haha! I'm trying to sell it, and the profits we can split into 50-50

Tok Aba:Don't be ridiculous, it's not good to eat those chickadees.

Gopal:Oh no!

Tok Aba:Here you go,

Gopal:Is this free?

Tok Aba:Of course it's free! My way of saying thank you, Im grateful that you help me.

Gopal:So everything I ate from before is free?

Tok Aba:In your dreams Okl You still owe me for those!

Gopal:Oh no! Hey granddad, where's BoBoiBoy Huh?

Tok Aba:He is helping me send the Cocoas.

He should be back by now

There he is!

Gopal:Hey, do you know what happened just now?

BoBoiBoy:Hey Aramugam! Long time no see!

Gopal:Huh, Aramugam?

Ochobot:He used his strongest power for way too long.

BoBoiBoy:Hehehehe, GrandBabas, one frothy chocolate!

Ochobot:That is why he is so forgetful now!

BoBoiBoy:Huh? Hmmmm,

(BoBoiBoy remembered his first mission)

(Mission 1:Mr.Kumar)

BoBoiBoy Land:Uncle Kumar! Uncle Kumar!

Mr.Kumar:Yes, BoBoiBoy?

BoBoiBoy Land:Huh, This is the Cocoas that you ordered.

Mr.Kumar:Thank You! Ehh?

(The box is empty)

Hey kiddo! where's the Cocoa huh?

BoBoiBoy Land:I forgot to put the Cocoas

Hang on! Hang on!

Mr.Kumar:Oh my God! How can you forget?

This Chocolate Ice Cream, how am I going to do it then?

(20 minutes later)

Ahh, BoBoiBoy you're back!

BoBoiBoy Land:Uncle, is Gopal home?

Mr.Kumar:He gone out to Granddad's Shop.

BoBoiBoy Land:Its that so?

I plan to play with him! It's Ok I'll look for him now.

Mr.Kumar:Hey! where's my Cocoa?

BoBoiBoy Land:Cocoa?

Mr.Kumar:Yes Cocoa, you said you're to deliver it!

BoBoiBoy Land:Oh no!

Tok Aba:and so did you send the Cocoas like you were supposed to?

Ochobot:He sent them but it was late.

Gopal:late, was he angry to you?

Ochobot:I don't know?

Tok Aba:Just my luck. Luckily it affected only one delivery.


(Mission 2:Mrs.Yah)

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Hi, how are you doing?

Burgerman:Fine, thank you!

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Here's the Cocoas Auntie Yah ordered.

Burgerman:I think you got the wrong house,

which Auntie Yah is this?

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Auntie Yah, the one who lives by that hill.

Burgerman:That hill?

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Yes.

Burgerman:Then why are you sending it over here?

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Gosh what's wrong with me today?

Tok Aba:How can you get lost? I even gave you a map.

Ochobot:Don't worry granddad, He already delivered it to Auntie Yah.

Burgerman:Hmph! I was the one who will send it!

Gopal:See that BoBoiBoy, that's really bad!

Ochobot:That's not so bad, there's worse!

(Mission 3:Ying's Grandma)

BoBoiBoy Wind:Granddad's Cocoa Delivery!

Postman:Yes, can I help you?

BoBoiBoy Wind:I need to deliver her Cocoa.

Postman:This is the Post Office,

(BoBoiBoy Wind reads the sign: Rintis Island Post Office)

BoBoiBoy Wind:What? Isn't this Ying's Grandma's House?

Postman:No, it's not.

(20 minutes later)

BoBoiBoy Wind:Granddad's Cocoa Delivery!

Ying's Grandma:At last! you're here

I've been waiting for so long!

BoBoiBoy Wind:What are you planning to do with the Cocoa?

Ying's Grandma:Eat it, what else?

(She ate the Cocoa powder)

It's really good!

Postman:Are you done already?

BoBoiBoy Wind:Yes, thank you for sending me over here.

Postman:Your welcome

Episode 10 BoBoiBoy's Weakness Pt.2

Postman:Your welcome!

Tok Aba:You got a postman to help send it?


and the good thing is, I deliver all the Cocoa

Tok Aba:But did you get the money?

BoBoiBoy:Oh no!

Tok Aba:You see, this is how a make a living

BoBoiBoy:Sorry Granddad, I really messed things up, just punish me Ok,

Probe:Good morning hi.

(Probe disguises as Saodah as Gopal and Tok Aba stare him)

Tok Aba:hey arent you Saodah the nasi lemak seller,Yaya former neigbirhood.

Episode 11 Dark BoBoiBoy Pt.1

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Huh? where am I?

Adudu:Hahahaha! You just woke up, BoboiBoy.

BoboiBoy:Hey, you! Didn't i just defeatyou just now, huh?

Adudu:You defeated me? Hahahaha, not so easy BoboiBoy!

(After Adudu was trapped underground)

Yaya:Yay! Way to go BoboiBoy!

Ying:Yeah! you have great Powerful Powers

Probe:It's so dark! am I dead now?

Adudu:Not yet, Probe.

Probe:Who's ever has that voice please don't hurt me!

Adudu:Hey! It's me your Boss!

Probe:Huh? Mister Boss, you heard that voice

Adudu:That's was my voice, my mouth is full of sands just now!

Probe:What are we going to do? BoboiBoy split into three.

Adudu:I have an idea Probe, why don't we just use his weakness.

(Adudu and Super Probe freed themselves underground and kidnapped BoboiBoy Lightning)

Hehehehehehe! and that is the reason why I kidnapped you, so the three of you cannot join or meet together forever again, so I will let your memory loose forever!

BoboiBoy Lightning:You useless thing, Ago Go!

Opps! wrong name right?

Ah, Pak Pak

I remember now Ah,

Ahmad Kassim!

Adudu:I'm Adudu!

(Adudu hurts his own hand)


BoboiBoy Lightning:Hahahaha!

Adudu:Go ahead and laugh now while you can, but Im warning you don't ever forget that I have four things now!

BoboiBoy Lightning:Huh? Four things?

Adudu:Yes I have now your Granddad's Cocoas, I also have Super Probe and I have kidnapped you, and the most important thing is, I have stolen your Granddad's Secret Recipe Book! Hehehehe!

Gopal:Huh? Adu Du has your Secret Book?

Tok Aba:He managed to steal it.

Adudu:And with this secret book

Ying:Huh? Secret Book?

Adudu:With this book I'll wil be never defeated again!

Yaya:We're so done for now!

Adudu:Witness now everyone, the secret recipe of Granddad!

Morning:3 ringgits and 50 cents, Gopal!


Afternoon:7 ringgits and 20 cents, Gopal!

Nighttime:5 ringgits and 90 cents

according to footnote, haven't paid for three months

BoboiBoy Lightning:What kind of recipe is that?

Adudu:The recipe of destruc......

what book is this?

Tok Aba:That's the "You Owe Me Book", not to worry

Gopal:Huh? "You Owe Me Book"?

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Hahahahahahaha!

Adu Du:Eeeishhsh! tell me now, what is Granddad's Secret Recipe?


Ying:What's wrong with you?

Gopal:The book is gone so I don't owe Granddad

Tok Aba:In your dreams Gopal I remember everything, you owe me 32 ringgits and 75 cents!

Gopal:Oh no!

Ying:You're finished, Gopal!

Yaya:But Granddad, why do you write it in the book if you remembers everything?

Tok Aba:Of course, so when BoBoiBoy grows up, he will take over the shop for me,

he would need to know who owes the shop money

Gopal:Listen, I won't be working, and have money to pay you

Tok Aba:Are you sure Gopal?


Ochobot:Granddad! Granddad! BoBoiBoy wants to fight!

BoBoiBoy Wind:And now Thunder Storm

BoBoiBoy Earth:Protecting Land!

(The giant wall blocked BoBoiBoy Wind)

Tok Aba:Oy, stop it

BoBoiBoy Wind/BoBoiBoy Earth:Huh?

Tok Aba:Tell me why are you guys fighting?

BoBoiBoy Earth:It's him granddad, he's trying to pretend to be BoBoiBoy

BoBoiBoy Wind:Huh? such a Liar, I'm BoBoiBoy, you are the pretender

BoBoiBoy Earth:No you!

BoBoiBoy Wind:You

Ochobot:Haay, there memories, are getting a lot worse

Episode 12 Dark BoBoiBoy Pt.2

(BoBoiBoy Earth and BoBoiBoy Wind are looking each other)

Ochobot:We've got to look now on the other one Granddad

Tok Aba:They're getting worse at remembering now!

Gopal:Yah! Yah!

(Gopal hits BoBoiBoy Land and BoBoiBoy Wind with a cooking pan)

BoBoiBoy Earth/BoBoiBoy Wind:Oh no!

Tok Aba:Hoy! what are you doing huh?

Gopal:knocking there heads and trying to get him to remember, What else?

Tok Aba:can't do that! They won't remember like that!

My poor, poor grandson!

Gopal:Well it worked when I saw it on TV.

Tok Aba:Ok, which channel?

Gopal:I don't remember!

(Ochobot hits Gopal with a cooking pan)

Tok Aba:Ahhhh! hmmmm!

Ochobot:Im just trying to get him remember Granddad!

(Ying and Yaya entered the house)

Tok Aba:So did you guys to find BoboiBoy?

Yaya:We did not!, We looked for Adu Du's Spaceship everywhere Yup, yup yup!

Ying:That's true Granddad! Ehhhh!

Gopal:TV.....TV four

Ying:Oh no, what's going on?

Tok Aba:It's Ochobot.

(doorbell rings)

Yaya:Ehh, BoBoiBoy!

Tok Aba:BoBoiBoy!

My grandson! are you alright?

Ochobot:What did Adu Du do to you BoBoiBoy?

BoBoiBoy Storm:BoBoiBoy? Who is that BoBoiBoy?

(the clouds became dark)

I am Ada Da Ok!

Tok Aba:Ada Da?

BoBoiBoy Storm:Hahahahaha!

Ochobot:His strength has increased tremendously!

He doesn't remember anything!

(Gopal hits BoBoiBoy Storm's head with a cooking pan)

Gopal:So how? remember now?

(BoBoiBoy Storm grunts and released his lightning sword)

BoBoiBoy Storm:This is Lightning Sword!



BoBoiBoy Storm:Yah!

Gopal:Ahhhh! (he runs away in the backyard)

(BoBoiBoy Storm continues to attack Gopal)

(Gopal trips into a rock)

Gopal:Hahaha! Missed me!

(BoBoiBoy Storm burns Gopal's butt using his Lightning sword)

Ahhh! Ahhh! it's hot! it's hot!

(Gopal sits in a bucket full of water)

Yaya:Gopal! Are you ok, Gopal?

(BoBoiBoy Storm blocked Yaya from getting close to Gopal)

Hey! why did you do that to your Gopal huh?

Ying:That's right! He's your best buddy, remember?

BoBoiBoy Storm:My best buddy?

Adu Du:Hahahahahahaha!

His best buddy right now is me, Adu Du!

and we are Adu Du and Ada Da!

Probe:Best friends forever!

BFF for eternity!

Tok Aba:You! what have you done to my grandson?

Adu Du:Oh, nothing.. nothing, he wants to know so I tell him the truth!

Yaya:Huh! Told him the truth?

Probe:Yes, but I thought we made it up Mister Boss!

Adu Du:Quiet Probe! stop talking

Yes! nothing but the truth that I am his only best friend and you guys are his worst enemies!

Ying:What a lying square head!

Yaya:Powerful Super Puuuuunch!

(BoBoiBoy Storm blocked Yaya again from getting close to Adu Du)


(Ying saved Yaya from getting hit by the lightning sword)

Hey! are you crazy BoBoiBoy?

Probe:He is crazy! Crazy Awesome!

Ying:Yaya! Throw all this tires up high

Gopal! now hange all those tires into super hard food!

Gopal:Ok! no problem! And now turn to Yaya's Biscuits!




Yaya:Ehh, How can my biscuits Gopal?

Gopal:Your biscuits are hard


Ying:Ok Yaya! punch all those biscuits toward BoboiBoy!

Yaya:Ok! Yaaah!

(BoBoiBoy Storm was trapped)

Gopal:Hahahaha! take that! feel the pain of Yaya's biscuits!

Yaya:So now you're saying my biscuits are painful?

Gopal:No I didn't

Hey look! somebody wants to buy your biscuits!

Yaya:Huh, Where? he wants one or two packets?

(Gopal tried to escape Yaya to avoid being scolded)

You tricked me!

Gopal:Ahhh! BoBoiBoy wants to get out!

Yaya:Don't you try to change the subject!

(BoBoiBoy Storm freed himself)

Gopal:Oh no, what did I tell you?

Ying:You know are gonna get it and Run............

(BoBoiBoy Storm trapped Ying inside a lightning ball)



Ochobot:Is this BoBoiBoy's true potential?

Gopal:Oh no! no! Where is he?

(BoBoiBoy Storm also trapped Gopal and Yaya inside a lightning ball)

Adu Du:Now listen here Granddad! tell me what is the secret recipe to your Cocoa!

Tok Aba:Your not getting it!

Adu Du:You disobey me!

Ochobot:Granddad will never tell you everything.

Adu Du:Well looks like I will need to use some force on you guys.

My best buddy!

Tok Aba:Pls no, Im your Granddad BoboiBoy!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Huh! granddad?

Tok Aba:Yes you are my grandson.

Adu Du:No he is not! don't listen to him my friend!

Go and get the secret recipe now!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Tell me what's the secret recipe!

Ochobot:Don't do it BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy Land:High Sands appear!

How dare you hurt our old granddad!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Who are you kid?

tell me why do you look just like me?

BoBoiBoy Wind:Don't you know it? you are BoboiBoy! We're all the same person!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Huh? How can we be all the same?

Adu Du:Don't listen to their lies my friend! Don't listen to these bad people Ok!

Probe:there are trying to steal your identity!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Oh, trying to trick me huh?

Adudu:and I want you to destroy them all now!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Balls of Lightning!

BoBoiBoy Wind:Hurricane and Storm!

BoboiBoy Land:Ehh! Where did he go?

BoBoiBoy Storm:Over here!

This is Lightning Power!

(BoBoiBoy Storms Lightning Sword is making some smoke)

(BoboiBoy Land bravely hold BoboiBoy Thunder's Lightning Sword)


BoBoiBoy Land:Hurry up! Attack him now!

BoBoiBoy Wind:Feel my Punching Storm!

BoBoiBoy Land:Power of Earth!

BoBoiBoy Wind:Sidewinder Storm

BoBoiBoy Land:Plus Rocks!

(BoBoiBoy Storm managed to free himself)

BoBoiBoy Storm:Lightning Hurricane!

It's my turn now! Yaaaaaahhh!

(He throwed his Lightning Sword towards BoBoiBoy Wind)

BoBoiBoy Wind:Hahahaha! You missed me!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Lightning Movement!

(BoBoiBoy Wind was hitted by the Lightning Sword)

Tok Aba:BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy Land:This is Fighting Earth!

(BoBoiBoy Storm was about to attacked BoboiBoy Land but he was blocked)

(BoboiBoy Wind regains health and punched BoBoiBoy Storm twice making his cap moved)

BoBoiBoy Storm:Shining Lightning!

Lightning Movement!

Balls of Lightning!

(He trapped BoboiBoy Wind and BoboiBoy Land inside the lightning balls)

BoBoiBoy Wind/BoBoiBoy Land:Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

(Ying, Yaya and Gopal we're shocked)

Adu Du:Hahahaha! Yes at last! destroy them all now!

Probe:That's so cool!

BoBoiBoy Land:no Please don't!

Probe:Yeah Awesome!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Yeah Awesome?

hold on, I've heard that word "Awesome" before,

(Background changed to the moments when BoBoiBoy says his catchphrase)

BoBoiBoy:Hehehehe Yeah Awesome!

Yeah Awesome!

Yeah Awesome!

Yes that's Awesome!

Yeah Awesome!

BoBoiBoy Wind/BoboiBoy Land/BoboiBoy Lightning:Yeah Awesome!

Tok Aba:Yeah Awesome!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Yeah Awesome?

Ehh, I'm.... I'm BoboiBoy!

Gopal:Granddad! I think he's remembering!

Adu Du:Huh what? you're not BoBoiBoy you're Ada Da!

Tok Aba:BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Hey Grand Uncle! What are you doing here Grand Uncle?

Ochobot:There still some memory loss in him!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Ehh,Ying and Mimi, you guys are here too?

Yaya:hmmm, Mimi again?

BoBoiBoy Storm:What, what happened to you guys?

BoBoiBoy Land:Adu Du, he has tricked you!

BoBoiBoy Wind:and then he used you to destroy all of us here!

Adu Du:What's going on? How is it he can he be remembering again?

BoBoiBoy Storm:You! You are the one who tricked me! It wasn't me!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Ok then who did?

Probe:It's just a little lie!

BoBoiBoy Storm:A little lie huh?

(BoBoiBoy Theme Song is played)

Mega Lightning Sword!

Adu Du:Ahhh! No, BoBoiBoy!

(BoBoiBoy Storm destroyed Adu Du and Probe)

Adu Du:I will be back!

Tok Aba:It's lucky you're Ok

Gopal:We're lucky because Probe said "Awesome"

Ying:Thats right! If not you'll be Ada Da Ok!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Ada Da?

Yaya:Hmmm, look he's forgotten again!

Gopal:Enough! Time for you guys to join again, if not things could get worse!

Hurry now!

BoBoiBoy Storm:Yes Alright!

BoBoiBoy Together Again!

Yeah Awesome! Oh, Granddad!

Tok Aba:Oh, BoBoiBoy!

Episode 13 Game On! Pt.1

(Scenes opens up to a TV show featuring Papa Zola and his enemy Sleeping Monster)

Papa Zola:How dare you step to the beauty of Planet Earth!

Sleeping Monster:Hahahaha!

Papa Zola:I'm Papa Zola!

Enemy of the Evil,

and Defender of the Truth!

And now I will punish you through the authourity that is in me! Get ready!


(Sleeping Monster is sleeping)

Papa Zola:Huh what? Why did you sleep, you ugly monster?

Sleeping Monster:Huh what? Oh, I'm a sleep monster ok, I will take some time to sleep

Papa Zola:Hehehehe, Sleeping Monster? What sort of a monster is that?

(Sleeping Monster attacked Papa Zola with his sleeping wave)

Sleeping Monster:Hahahahahaha! I had attack you with my sleeping powers

Go to Sleep, Go to Sleep

Papa Zola (voice):Wake up Papa

Episode 14 Game On! Pt.2

Tok Aba:It is finished yet?

Gopal:No granddad this is just Stage 1

Tok Aba:What?

(Tok Aba fell to the ground)

Ochobot:What's wrong Granddad?

Tok Aba:I don't think I could play for any longer, I think I could get a Heart Attack

Ochobot:That's not good!

(At Yaya's House)

Yaya:Why nobody wants to buy my biscuits?

(Background changes to Episode 3)

Ying:Oh men! Her biscuits are terrible and if you eat it you will faint!

Yaya:Hmmm. You can't faint if you eat it.

(Background changes to Gopal's House)

(Mr.Kumar fainted after had eaten Yaya's Biscuit)

Gopal:Oh! No! No! Daddy

(Mr.Kumar is rushed to the hospital)

Hey! Have you already tasted your Biscuits?


Maybe, I should taste it?

Ochobot:Yaya! Yaya!

Yaya:Eh? Ochobot?

coming on!

(he puts the biscuits on the flowers and it dried up)

Ochobot:open the door Yaya!

BoboiBoy:Granddad! Granddad?

Tok Aba:So you now know that you shouldn't play too long

Gopal:Yeah Yeah! I don't know! Yeah Yeah!

Tok Aba:Hey stop that! you're desame too

Gopal:Huh, hehehe

BoboiBoy:Forgive us, I promise that i'll listen to you from now on

Yaya:That's right do like me

Ying:Yes, only thirty minutes a day Ok

Gopal:Hmmm, 30 minutes is not enough to play Papa Zola

Papa Zola:So tell me, who dares to call out my name is it you?

Gopal:Papa Zola!

Episode 15 The Dream World Pt.1

Tok Aba:You know!

One day an Adudu trapped my Grandson and his friend and I have to save BoboiBoy and Gopal! Wow can you believe an old man playing video games! It's awesome because I saved both of them but Papa Zola emerged from the game!

Oh no!

Lalala Lalalala!

Gopal:Is this the real Papa Zola?

Papa Zola:Of course I am, Im Papa Zola

Gopal/Papa Zola:Enemy of Evil, Defender of the Truth!

Papa Zola:Huh? How did you know it?

Episode 16 The Dream World Pt.2

(Yaya falling to sleep)

Ying:Huh, Yaya!

You naughty monster, you better watch out!

BoboiBoy:Hey you! wake Yaya up!

Sleeping Monster:Hahahaha! you must defeat me first!

and now Bubbles of Dream!

(needle scratch, Sleeping Monster made a mistake)

Adudu:Probe, help Sleeping Monster!

Ying:ha, what a slow bubbles Running.....

Probe:Pepper Attack!


(Ying was trapped inside the bubbles along with Yaya, Ochobot and Tok Aba)

Gopal:Oh, no! there are trapped inside the bubbles!

Ying:I want that shoes!

Gopal:She's talking in her sleep

Episode 17 Giant Checkers Game Pt.1

Papa Zola:In the previous episode, alien creatures attack us,

because of that Sleeping Monster,

then Papa was challenged by the game of Checkers!

BoboiBoy:Oh, no!

Sleeping Monster:Hahahahaha!

Adudu:Why are we turned in the pieces?

Probe:That's not right! That not right!

Adudu:Listen, if you guys loose this game, you'll be trapped here forever and ever!

Gopal:Look, his head is so tall!

Adudu:Why is this happening to me?

BoboiBoy:Hehehe, that's Awesome!

Episode 18 Giant Checkers Game Pt.2

Gopal:So you think he's scared

Sleeping Monster:Huh, scared

Yaya:This is not time to cheat!

Papa Zola:You are the useless squarehead that cheated!

Tok Aba:You are really arrogant

Power of the station rooster

Yaya/Ying:Powerful scratches

Sleeping Monster:How dare you!

Papa Zola:Ouch! No, no, no, no my leg!

Gopal:Huh, Master

BoboiBoy:Lightning Sword!

Sleeping Monster:Hahahaha! Sorry boy, but your powers are useless in me!

BoboiBoy Times Three Power!

(BoboiBoy splitted to three)

BoboiBoy Combo Movement!

Sleeping Monster:Please don't! Please don't!

BoboiBoy Wind:Flying Hurricane!

Sleeping Monster:Put me down!

(Sleeping Monster is falling)

BoboiBoy Earth:High Sands!

again and again!

BoBoiBoy Lightning:BoBoiBoy Lightning Power!


Sleeping Monster:Nooooooo!

(Gopal woked up)

Gopal:Hey! I'm awake I'm sure BoBoiBoy must won the fight. Yaya, Ying, where are you?

Ying:Ohh, hehehe!

Yaya:The Power Punching!

Ying:Extra Kicking!

Gopal tried to get out of the Banana Feces but he can't

Gopal:Haah, change into Banana Feces

uhh, Ahhhh, oh Help me!

Papa Zola:The Whip of Remark!

Episode 19 BoBoiBoy's Fan Mails Pt.1

Probe:Mister Boss!

Oh, Mister Boss!

Eh, Where is my Mister Boss?

Probe:I accomplished my mission of stealing all of BoboiBoy's Fan Mails

Computer:Mister Boss is not here

Probe:Ehh, Where did he go?

Computer:He went off to buy some clothes

Probe:Oh, It's that the case, we all have to answer all this fan mails first just like Mister Boss ordered.

Computer:Ehh, Are you sure?

Probe:I'll answer it, you write and post it immediately.

Ok, Our first letter : from Ali Kassim bin Ahmad Kasim, 12 years old,

I would like to know, how it is that BoBoiBoy is not at School, his teacher is angry?

Hmmmm, I know Ali Kassim, this story takes place during school holidays, that's why BoBoiBoy does not need to go to School, he came over to Pulau Rintis to spend his holidays with his Granddad, because it's a long time, even BoBoiBoy and Granddad doesn't remember what each other looks like

'Tok Aba:'BoBoiBoy!


Tok Aba:BoBoiBoy!

(they hugged each other)

You really grew up BoBoiBoy

Child Passenger:Huh, Granddad,

Tok Aba:Yes?

Child Passenger:I'm not BoBoiBoy

Tok Aba:Huh?

BoBoiBoy:Wow, Granddad, looks like you're getting younger!

Tok Aba:Hoy, what's wrong with you huh, who are you hugging over there?


(BoBoiBoy finds out that he hugged a different person)

Hehehe, Sorry Uncle!

Tok Aba:Hmm,

Child Passenger:Come on, you're desame too!

Probe:So unfair, so unfair!, Thank You very much!

Computer:Letter had been decide

Probe:The next question is from Aramugam, from Sim FAX number 880029,

Why Adu Du so surprised when he finds out that Cocoa was on Earth?

Adu Du:Huh?

Probe:Of course he was surprised, because Cocoa Power has long disappeared from Planet Ata Tatiga and then he found Cocoa Power of Earth.

Computer:30, 000 Years ago, the agency tried to raise the development of the whole Ata Tatiga Planet was filled with buildings and factories until the air was filled up with so much toxic, that plants like Cocoa and many other living things died.

Probe:Ehh, how it is possible that Mister Boss is still alive, there still a lot of toxic right?

Computer:He doesn't have any nose!

Probe:Cover your nose Mister Boss!

Adu Du:Hey, I don't have a nose Ok!


Computer:Cocoa Power is one of the strongest source of Energy

Probe:Haha, very powerful, It can activate a Ball of Power like Ochobot!

(Flashback from the time when Ochobot is activated)

Computer:Ok then, what about you?

Probe:Me? even pipe water could activate me

That's so sad!

Episode 20 BoBoiBoy's Fan Mails Pt.2

Probe:If he sneeze again, he will regain her Power Speed again

(Popo the penguin, hitted Ying with snowballs which made him to sneeze and free himself)

Ying:Yeah, Thank You!


Probe:That's so awesome!

Computer:What will happen if she gets a cold?

Probe:Hmmm, sometimes fast, sometimes slow

Computer:What about Yaya?

(Flashback from Meet Yaya)

Yaya:Hi, I'm Yaya and I have the power to fly!

Episode 21 World Biscuits Day Pt.1

Tok Aba:In our last episode, I played the game checkers against the Sleeping Monster.

The Movement of the Hopeful Rooster!

Episode 22 World Biscuits Day Pt.2

(Scenes opens up in the Laboratory Room where Adudu is experimenting the Fake Milk that he will use to trick BoBoiBoy Wind)

Episode 23 BoBoiBoy Cyclone and Bago Go Pt.1

Ochobot:His powers came out after Storm BoBoiBoy.

BoBoiBoy Cyclone:And now, I will forced everyone to eat Yaya's biscuits


(Super Probe shots BoBoiBoy Cyclone)

Yaya:Oh no Adudu!

Adudu:Hahahahahah! eat his Biscuits huh! Eat those bullets will be delicious! Shoot them all Probe!


Ying:Eeeee! So this is the work of the Square Head

Adudu:After this BoBoiBoy will not able to join again with his otherselves and will loose his memory forever and ever!

BoBoiBoy Cyclone:Really, how do you think that he will loose all his memory?

Adu Du:What, how did you get up here?

BoBoiBoy Cyclone:Hehe, Amazing Stormball!

Adu Du:What are you doing?

BoBoiBoy Cyclone:Amazing Cyclone Stormball! yaaah!

Adu Du/Super Probe:Nooooo!

Adu Du:I'm having a bad head ache! Huh?

BoBoiBoy Cyclone:Hehehe, you haven't taste this yet,'

Take this, The Power of Yaya's Biscuits!

Adu Du:No!

Episode 24 BoBoiBoy Cyclone and Bago Go Pt.2

Adudu:Computer, set up the Transporter now

Computer:Ok Mister Boss

(Computer set's up the transporter to transport Bago Go to the Spaceship)

The arrival of Bago Go is exactly 30 seconds

Adudu:I can't wait to buy a new weapon from Bago Go,

You're really in trouble now BoBoiBoy!

Episode 25/Season Finale Pt.1

Adudu (narrated):Last week, I welcome Bago Go, the Weapon entrepenuer. he knows that his weapons are good enough to defeat BoBoiBoy, but then the weapons got more expensive by the millions. If that happens, i'm so sure to faint.

Adudu: Fifty... Fifty million Ringgits and fifty cents? (faints)

But when i woke up, I know that Probe has already sold my spacecraft! for an Electric Spatula? Hey, I'm so happy Bago Go ought for free Mukalakus, the destruction robot.

(The next scene opens up in the Junk Shop where Mukalakus is standing)

Episode 26/Season Finale Pt.2

(BoBoiBoy Earth started to evolve)

Probe:Oh no! BoBoiBoy is searching for a new power, Mister Boss!

Adu Du: What!?! not going to happen!

(Adu Du released the two Red Laser Swords of Mukalakus)


BoBoiBoy Earth: I'm.... Earthquake BoBoiBoy!

Extended Finale

(3 Days later)

Season 2

Episode 27 The Return of BoBoiBoy

Gopal (narrated): Six months ago, my best friend BoBoiBoy has managed to defeat the Mukalakus Robot

Adu Du:Ahhhhhhhh!

BoBoiBoys Storm, Cyclone and Earthquake: Yaaaaaahhhh!

Gopal: In your face Adu Du,

Broken Robot,

and no more Spaceship,

He's left is an Electric Spatula

Adu Du: You sold out my Spaceship, and only an Electric Spatula

Gopal: After BoBoiBoy defeated Adu Du, he went back to his house,

(sighs) I wonder when I'm going to see BoBoiBoy again?


Ejo Jo:I am looking for an Antique Spaceship for so long

Bago Go: Yes bro, It's surely hard to find it,

I was around in the universe for 6 months and never until that time and my son doesn't recognize me anymore

So how ,bro?!

(Bago Go blinks)

Ejo Jo: So what is the price of the spaceship?

Episode 28 The Haunted House

Gopal (narrated):In the last episode, BoBoiBoy came back and moved here, he transformed to our school, in our class somemore,

Ying/Yaya:Hi BoBoiBoy!


Gopal (narrated):Hehehe, awesome! Everyone is happy except that weird boy,

after that I adviced BoBoiBoy not to go back home using the road where there's an abandoned House.

Gopal: I advice you not to go near that House! that house is haunted!

Gopal (narrated): But he was stubborn. He still used that road,

hmm, why BoBoiBoy?!

Burgermane:One Hot Chocolate less sugar please?

Tok Aba:Alright!

Ochobot:Granddad let me help you Granddad

Tok Aba:Ochobot are you Ok now?

Ochobot:Just little faintness

Tok AbaE:Since when did you faint?

Ochobot:I really don't know Granddad

Tok Aba:Maybe your battery is getting low


Tok Aba:BoBoiBoy, does school already end?


Granddad I want to ask you something

Tok Aba:About what?

BoBoiBoy:Did you know a story about the abandoned houses near the school?

Tok Aba:Abandoned houses near the school?

Hah, yes yes, One day, I have heard people saying about that house,

they say that the house is haunted

BoBoiBoy:Huh? Is that true Granddad?

Tok Aba:Hmmm, it non-sense

Burgerman:It's not non-sense


Burgerman:Yesterday, when I went to send a burger, I really saw a black ghost hanging around the house!

Tok Aba: Hmmm,

Burgerman: It's true Mister! it's really a ghost

(The Burgerman continued to drink the Cocoa)

Mr.Kumar: Often, that ghost appears on evening!

Sometimes it becomes a tiger, and sometimes the ghost changed into a human

Mr.Kumar: Hey Gopal, your mom, uncle, auntie, likes my story telling.

Episode 29 BoBoiBoy Vs. Fang

Gopal (narrated):In the last episode, we all know who is that ghost who haunts the house, we all thought it was Adu Du, but really it was Fang. He's really jealous of BoBoiBoy.

Episode 30  The Football Game

Probe: In the last episode, BoBoiBoy and Fang ran with an egg in a spoon

Episode 31 The Revenge of Adu Du

(Scene opens up in Pak Senin Koboi's Alley where BoBoiBoy was trying to escape from Yaya's Biscuits which becomes alive in his dreams)

Yaya's Biscuits: Where are you going to run huh?

BoBoiBoy: Please don't

Yaya's Biscuits: Hahaha, eat us! eat us!

BoBoiBoy: Please don't torture me!

Yaya's Biscuits: Everyone Let's enter his mouth!

BoBoiBoy: Hmm, Hm Hmmmmm!

Ochobot: Seventeen...Eighteen

(BoBoiBoy woke up and fainted)


BoBoiBoy: Huh,

So you showed Yaya's biscuits into my mouth huh?!

Ochobot: But I was trying to wake you up

BoBoiBoy: Come here!

Ochobot: Ouch, no BoBoiBoy

Tok Aba: When you're finish fighting, come down and help me

BoBoiBoy: Errgghh! you come here now Ochobot!!!

Ochobot: Ahhh!

BoBoiBoy: Waahh, where did you buy it?

Tok Aba: Buy it? it was a special desgin from Ochobot?

BoBoiBoy: Wow, that's really awesome Ochobot:

Ochobot: Hah, look at your legs

Gopal: Tok Aba! One Special Hot Chocolate!

BoBoiBoy: Granddad, Yaya's biscuits

Gopal: Even if you give it to a cat, the cat will run away

It's just Granddad's imagination


Ochobot, come here please

Ochobot: Huh, but why?

Gopal: Do you know this boy?

(Ochobot fainted as he saw photos of Fang)

Ochobot: Ahhhhh, ah, ahhh,

Gopal: Yes it's true, he fainted

BoBoiBoy: Hey Gopal, that's really bad!

Tok Aba: Look, the kid is here!

Ochobot: Huh?

(Ochobot fainted again as he saw Fang)

Ahhh, ahhhh

BoBoiBoy:'s you!

Fang: Huh, what?

BoBoiBoy: Why Ochobot faints when he sees you?

(Fang ignored BoBoiBoy's question)

Fang: Hmm,

I'm taking the packet of biscuits

Tok Aba: Ok, you can just leave the money on the table

Gopal: Hey, yes true, it's too weird always buying Yaya's biscuits

BoBoiBoy: Hey, where are you going huh?

Fang: I'm going to school

Episode 32 Tiny Boys

Probe: In the last episode, i have succesfully shot BoBoiBoy, Gopal and Fang until they were small.

Gopal:What? he's up again, quite so strong!

(the cat attempted to attack Gopal but he missed him)


Fang: Give me Yaya's Biscuits some more, until he faint

BoBoiBoy: How many before he faint

Fang: Three!

Gopal: Don't!

BoBoiBoy: Protecting Sands!

BoBoiBoy Earthquake!

Protecting Sands!

(BoBoiBoy built a barrier made of sands to protect Gopal inside)


Gopal: Huhuhuhu! Why don't you let go and find someone else

(The cat sees BoBoiBoy)

BoBoiBoy: Huh? oh no, Fang let's fight together

Fang: Fighting? with you?

Crazy Cat: Meooooow!

Fang: In your dreams

BoBoiBoy: You're stubborn!

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm


(BoBoiBoy Cyclone putted Yaya's Biscuit inside a Wind and tried to pass it to the cat but it crashed into the wall)


Oh no!

Fang: You're finish now!

BoBoiBoy: BoBoiBoy Lightning!

Lightning Move!

(BoBoiBoy used Lightning Move to avoid the cat and get Yaya's Biscuits, meanwhile Fang observed BoBoiBoy if he could get the biscuit out of the wall)

Fang: Huh?, he's over there


Hey!, he's over there

Eagle Shadow, fly now!

Goodbye cat, eh?!

Oh no!


(Fang landed into BoBoiBoy's Hoverboard)

BoBoiBoy Cyclone: Dodge of the Storm, yaaaahhh!

(the cat tried to escape)

BoBoiBoy Earthquake: The gripping sands!, yaah

Adu Du: change? change the title of this animation?

Probe: Yes, change it into a new animation:

Mister Boss and Probe

Adu Du: Hahahaha

that's really clever

right right!

first thing, let change the theme song Mister Boss

here I even written the lyrics

Computer play

(Mister Boss and Probe)

Probe: There was a time, not so long ago,

We get there in time,

then we cannot fight,

then we cannot win,

Adu Du: They are finish now,

now the heroes are gone!

now the heroes are gone!,

Adu Du/Probe: defeated by us!

defeated by us!

Aliens are here to try to rule the Earth,

and also for the Cocoa they have,

Probe: Oh yeah!

Adu Du: And they have arrived here,

one year ago,

Probe: To get a box of Cocoa,

Adu Du: There were times we we're defeated but we will win next!

Adu Du/Probe: Mister Boss and Probe! Mister Boss and Probe

Mister Boss Probe,

and Boss




Adu Du: Hey, they have changed now huh?!

Adu Du/Probe: And our good looking boss!

Adu Du!

and Probe!

Yeah, Yeah!

Whoa, Whoa!

Mister Boss and Probe

Yeah, Yeah!

Whoa, Whoa

Yeah! Yeah!

Whoa, Whoa!

Yeah, Yeah!

Whoa, Whoa!

Yeah, Yeah

Mister Boss...and Probe

Probe: Don't forget to watch the new animation Mister Boss and Probe,

don't miss it, hehehe!

congrats, congrats Mister Boss!

Adu Du: Congrats! Congrats!

this is definetely a great idea!


BBB Earthquake: Ehh,

Crazy Cat: Meoooooww!!

BBB Earthquake/Gopal: Ahhhhh

Fang: Shadow Fingers!

(Fang used the Shadow Hands to stop the cat)

BBB Earthquake/Gopal: Huh

Fang: Yahh!

BBB Earthquake: Waah!

Fang: Hurry, hurry up, give him Yaya's Biscuits

Faster guys!

BBB Earthquake: He doesn't open his mouth

Gopal: Change it into, two salty fish!

BBB Earthquake: Hehe, Yaah!

(BoBoiBoy threw Yaya's Biscuit to the mouth of the cat)

Crazy Cat: Meooow?!

(The cat thinks that BoBoiBoy was the fish)

Meoooww Meooooow

(The cat freed himself from Fang)

Fang: Huh?

Crazy Cat: Meoooow!

(BoBoiBoy transformed himself from Earthquake to Thunderstorm)

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Yaaah! Lightning Defender!

(The cat was shocked after he was blocked by BoBoiBoy's Thunder Shield, soon, he transformed to cute cat)

Cute Cat: Meow!

Gopal: Giving Yaya's Biscuits, and give him Electric Shock, so he's normal

BoBoiBoy: Hehehe, looks like a helpful Cat, hehehe

Fang: Go to, Granddad's Shop!

(Back to the present)

Yaya: And after that, the crazy cat brought them to see us

Probe: Oh no, that is right Mister Boss, you should let me look for them just now...

Adu Du: This is all your fault Probe!

BoBoiBoy: Adu Du!, you better change us back to normal!

Ying: That's right if not....;..

Adu Du: Huh? if not, what?!

(It was shown that Adu Du was about to fire his Shrinking Pistol to Yaya and Ying)

Yaya/Ying: Huh?!

Adu Du: Hahahahahaha!

take this then!

(Adu Du fires the Shrinking Pistol but Yaya and Ying used a mirror to reflect the ray back to Adu Du)


(Adu Du shrunk)


Of all of the people, why is it me?

Probe, bring me the Reverse Formula!

Probe: Uh, sorry Mister Boss, they pick it up and stole our Reverse Formula that makes you big

Adu Du: My back, it hurts

So now, I will create that Formula again,

You just watch out BoBoiBoy, you just watch out!


(Adu Du heard the sound of a fly)

Eh, you look really familiar, ey!

(The mother of the fly that was attacked in the previous episode appeared to get his revenge against Adu Du, because of her anger, the fly brought a stick to Adu Du)


Ohh, Nooooo!

(SLAP! With pigs stars)

(At Tok Aba's Shop)

BoBoiBoy: Yeah! we're back to normal

You two are really awesome!

Fang: Thank you Ying, and Yaya

Yaya/Ying: You're welcome

Ochobot: BoBoiBoy, you has.......

(Ochobot fainted when he saw Fang)

Uhh, Uhhhh!

BoBoiBoy: Ah, Ochobot!

How can everytime Ochobot looks at you, he will faint?

Fang: Huh?!

Ehh, I

(BoBoiBoy, Ying, Yaya and Gopal are staring at him)



Season 2, Episode 7

Gopal: In the last episode

Fang: Thank you Ying, Yaya

Ying/Yaya: You're welcome

Ochobot: BoBoiBoy, you has......

(Ochobot fainted when he saw Fang)

Uhh, Uhhhh!

BoBoiBoy: Ah, Ochobot!

How can everytime Ochobot looks at you, he will faint?

Fang: Huh?!

Ehh, I

(BoBoiBoy, Ying, Yaya and Gopal are staring at him)


the thing is.....

the thing is....

BoBoiBoy: the thing is what?

Ying/Yaya/Gopal: Huh?

Tok Aba: hmmm,

Fang: Ahhh,

Season 2, Episode 8

BoBoiBoy: I will teach you a lesson Adu Du!


Adu Du:!

BoBoiBoy: Ahhh!

Adu Du: Hahaha

And please welcome the Recycling Tiger!

Season 2, Episode 11

Probe: Oh no!

The spaceship that belongs to Ejo..Ejo Jo!

Season 2, Episode 12

Adu Du: Don't leave me Probe, don't!

Probe: Probe..Battle Robot..last mission..finished..

Adu Du: Probe, Probe?

Probe! Noooooo!

How dare you, How dare you Ejo Jo!


Take this! Take this you food

Ejo Jo: Hehe,

Adu Du: Huh?

BoBoiBoy: Lightning Sword!

Don't you dare to hurt Adu Du again

Ejo Jo: I thought you were enemies

BoBoiBoy: Yes we are but, not as bad as you

Ying: You're such an evil alien!

Yaya: Poor Probe and Adu Du

BoBoiBoy: Ehh, you're going to get it from me!

Ejo Jo: Huh?

BoBoiBoy: Thunderbolt BoBoiBoy!

Thunder Movement!

Fang: Attack BoBoiBoy!

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Alright right Yaaahhh!

Fang: Oh no!


BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Earthquake BoBoiBoy!

Land Protector!

(Petai flew above so he can locate BoBoiBoy's friends)

BoBoiBoy Cyclone: Hurricane Drill!

Yaya: You take this

Powerful Punch! Yaaahh!

Ying: Thousand Times Kick!

Gopal: Huh?! Change to food!

Fang: How dare you again?!

Shadow Tiger!

BoBoiBoy Earthquake: Land Protector!

BoBoiBoy: Go and save our friends now!

Lightning BoBoiBoy!

Ying: Stay there

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm: Hehe, Hurricane BoBoiBoy!

Whirling of the strong wind!

Ochobot: Ahhh! oh no!

Fang: Huh?

Ochobot: Please help me

BoBoiBoy Cyclone: Earthquake BoBoiBoy!

Building sands!

Lightning BoBoiBoy!

Gopal, Yaya, Ying, I suceeded it! huh?!

Yaya: Let us go..Let us go!

Gopal: It's painful!

Papa Zola: Let go off the truth!


In Disney Channel Asia, some parts of the english subtitles in the Bahasa Malaysia Versions may vary from the actual English dub.


Example 1: English Subtitle (Episode 12)

Gopal:Enough! Time for you guys to join again, if not things could get worse, Quick!

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Alright, BoBoiBoy recombine!



Tok Aba:Oh, BoBoiBoy

English Dub

Gopal:Enough! Time for you guys to join again, if not things could get worse, hurry up!

BoBoiBoy Lightning:Yes alright, BoBoiBoy together again!

Yeah Awesome!

Oh, Granddad

Oh, BoBoiBoy

Example 2:

English Subtitle (Episode 12)

Yaya: Who is this Mimi?

English Dub (Episode 12)

BoBoiBoy Lightning: Ehh,Ying and Mimi, you guys are here too?

Yaya: Mimi again.

Example 3

English Subtitle (Episode 18)

Yaya/Ying: Solid Scratches/Quick Scratches!

English Dub (Episode 18)

Yaya/Ying: The Powerful scratches!

Example 4

English Subtitle (Episode 18)

Gopal: I will obey.

English Dub (Episode 18)

Gopal: I will, I will do anything you tell me.

Example 5

English Subtitle (Episode 18)

BoBoiBoy: The power of enlargement!

English Dub (Episode 18)

BoBoiBoy: The power to become a giant!

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