The BoBoiBoy Exercise Machine is an item in BoBoiBoy. It costs is 90 Million 90

BoBoiBoy Exercise Machine!!!

cent. The user can do exercise by merely twisting the machine's hands or feet It also can be used as as toy or replacement of a pestle for the mortar It is based on BoBoiBoy Lightning.


Despite it being an exercise machine, it's more of an action figure.

  • There's also Yaya, Gopal, Ying, BoBoiBoy Earth, and B

    the result after Bago Go's Son used the BoBoiBoy Exercise Machine

    oBoiBoy Wind versions, based on the action figures released.
  • According to Bago Go's son, he already used this item because he was "big" as a Dinosaur before, after using it, his body is now as thin as a stick.


Iklan Mainan BoBoiBoy di siaran MKHPI! (HD)02:24

Iklan Mainan BoBoiBoy di siaran MKHPI! (HD)




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