BoBoiBoy Galaxy - S01E04
Official Title
Gergasi Cattus

English Translation
The Giant Cattus

Air Date
December 16, 2016 (TV3)
February 16, 2017 (YouTube)
4 February 2017 (MNCTV)
28 July 2017 (Disney Channel Asia)
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The Giant Cattus” (“Gergasi Cattus”) is the 4th episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, and the 4th episode overall in the series.


BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Ying, Yaya, and Ochobot continue searching for the Power Sphere, but find a cute little creature along the way


The episode begins with Adu Du and Probe watching a commercial online in which Bago Go is trying to market a Power Sphere tracking device. Though the device is free, the battery it runs on is incredibly expensive, causing Adu Du to faint. However, Probe purchases the device's battery using Adu Du's Credit Card, much to his dismay, and they travel to Gurunda to find the next Power Spheres.

On Gurunda, BoBoiBoy and his friends are resting around a campfire, having searched for the Power Sphere for two days. BoBoiBoy is disheartened by their lack of luck, but the others assure him to remain patient so they can find it, while Ochobot recharges from teleporting around too much. BoBoiBoy laments that they aren't doing so well, despite it being their first mission.

Cattus wants Water

Cattus eyeing BoBoiBoy's cup of water.

Suddenly, a new cactually-cat-hybrid alien—that Ying and Yaya find adorable—appears by the fire, eyeing BoBoiBoy's cup of water. BoBoiBoy offers the alien cat his drink, despite Gopal's protests to conserve their water supply. After drinking the water, everyone except Gopal takes a shine to the adorable cactus-cat. Gopal tries to chase it off, but it attacks him, much to BoBoiBoy's amusement. BoBoiBoy's power band abruptly sparks, which surprises and confuses him.

Adu Du and Probe enter a cave, having used their Power Sphere tracking device to trace the signal there. They find nothing, but they are attacked by an unknown assailant. Sometime later, BoBoiBoy track the Power Sphere to the same cave, but find nothing but a broken net and signs of a shootout. They are soon approached by a mysterious figure, revealing himself to be one of the civilians of Gurunda, Waibi. Waibi asks them for water and Ying gives him her share. Waibi explains that their town has been terrorized by the Gurunda Monster and he requests BoBoiBoy and his friend's help. They accept, and they travel to the Kaktoi village and find out that one of the houses has been ransacked once again. Waibi explains that the monster used to be peaceful and got its water from the cacti behind the village, but the cacti had turned into a strange substance, revealed to be bubblegum which Gopal and Ying’s doing in the previous episode. BoBoiBoy resolves to defeat the monster and save the residents.

Back at Adu Du's spaceship, it is revealed that Adu Du survived the attack, but is injured. He questions what's the best method of capturing a wild beast. Bago Go's show suddenly pops up and he markets 'Bravery Raisins' that will supposedly help capture such a beast. Although Adu Du is initially upset over going into debt, he is determined to get the Power Spheres.

On Gurunda, BoBoiBoy and the others plan out their course of action, planning to use a large pool of water as bait to lure the beast out, then getting Yaya and Ying to weaken it enough for BoBoiBoy to detain it. Gopal will then get to work reverting the bubblegum-cacti back to normal. As they wait for the beast to arrive, they spot the cactus-cat drinking out of the pool. Realizing that it is in danger, BoBoiBoy runs out and tries to get the cat to leave, but Waibi warns him to be careful, revealing that the beast was actually the cat.

Cattus Enraged

Cattus enraged after BoBoiBoy takes a hit for it.

A tranquilizer dart narrowly misses the alien, revealed to be shot by Adu Du having found power sphere. Ochobot scans the cactus-cat for the supposed power sphere. BoBoiBoy prepares to engage Adu Du in battle, but his power band malfunctions and he is unable to transform. Adu Du, determined to get the power sphere, shoots at the cactus-cat once again, but BoBoiBoy shields the cat and collapses. Upon seeing BoBoiBoy loose consciousness, the cat is enraged and transforms into a large cat-like beast, charging at Adu Du in revenge. Ochobot realizes what it really is and tells Yaya and Ying to protect the cat, but Probe appears to hinder their progress.

The cat-beast attacks Adu Du and is about to deal the final blow, but Probe stops it, having defeated both Yaya and Ying. Despite its ferocious nature, the beast becomes fascinated with the Energy Binds and starts playing with it, and later with Probe, giving Adu Du an idea. Using the laser pointer of his gun, Adu Du lures the cat into his trap, successfully trapping it and causing it to revert back into it's smaller form. BoBoiBoy, having regained consciousness, absolves to save the cat, and manages to get his Power Band working to perform an Elemental Split, calling out Earth, Lightning, and Wind. BoBoiBoy manages to drive off both Adu Du and Probe and save the cat.

Later on, Gopal wraps up turning the cacti that he had bubblegum-fied earlier back to their original state. Waibi thanks them for helping them deal with the beast problem, but he warns Gopal not to turn their cacti into anything else. While Yaya and Ying are being entertained by the cat, Ochobot explains to BoBoiBoy that the cat's bell is actually a Power Sphere. The bell introduces itself as BellBot, the Power Sphere of Enlargement.

Hi Bellbot

The bell around Cattus's neck reveals itself as Bellbot.

Surprised by the turn of events, BoBoiBoy questions BellBot why he didn't tell them earlier, but BellBot tells him that he was still unsure whether or not they were malicious or not. BellBot explains that when he had landed on Gurunda, the cat was the first creature he met, and they became good friends. However, when Power Sphere Hunters arrived on the planet to search for him, BellBot gave the cat powers so he could defend and protect both BellBot and himself, revealing to the cast that the cat's name is Cattus.

They opted for Bellbot to come with them back to TAPOPS, where he could be properly taken care of and guarded, but Bellbot remarks that he needed to stay with Cattus, having formed a symbiotic relationship with it. Ying laments on the fact that Koko Ci will not be pleased with the outcome, but BoBoiBoy assures her that he would understand and Ochobot exclaiming that all that mattered was that the mission was complete.

Cici Ko steps on Cattus

Oopsie Daisy.

After bidding farewell to their friends, they return back to Earth. Gopal expresses his relief that he didn't have to deal with the 'furious cat', but BellBot angrily challenges him, revealing that both he and Cattus had followed them through the portal. Bellbot cheekily explains that Cattus had gotten fond of them and wanted to come with them. Cici Ko appears, congratulating them on their first mission's success, but accidentally steps on Cattus' tail in the process. Enraged, Cattus transforms and chaos ensuses.

Differences with the Comic

  • In the comic, Adu Du does not wear his helmet when he wakes up on Probe, who is in Car Mode.
  • Cattus is only seen to be stretching its body in the comic. In the episode, Cattus scratches its ear, then Ying pats it.
  • In the episode, Cattus leaves scratch marks and thorns on Gopal's face. However, in the comic, only scratch marks are visible on Gopal's face.
  • In the comic, Cattus steals Gopal's food after scratching him.
  • The scene when BoBoiBoy's Power Band suffers some glitch after meeting Cattus, it is not present in the comic.
  • In the comic, when the heroes are in a cave searching for the Power Sphere, the net used by Adu Du is found by Ying rather than BoBoiBoy.
  • In the episode, the net used by Adu Du in his first encounter with Cattus is a butterfly net. However, in the comic, the net looks like a cannon that shooting nets.
  • As seen in the episode, the trap that Adu Du sets for Cattus is a net thrown onto Cattus and electrocutes it. However, in the comic, the trap is a circle that sends out four ropes to tie Cattus' legs and electrocute it.
  • In the comic, after being defeated by BoBoiBoy, Adu Du and Probe are seen to have disappeared into the sky rather than crashing onto a high mountain.



  • The episode's original title was “The Cute Giant Cattus” (“Gergasi Comel Cattus”). It was shortened after Season 1 ended.
  • The "Gurunda Monster" that the inhabitants of Planet Gurunda describe is not to be confused with the actual Gurunda Monster, which is the giant platypus-like alien that BoBoiBoy and his friends face in the previous episode.
  • This is the first time Gopal has been scratched by an irritated Cattus in BoBoiBoy Galaxy. It continues to be a running gag throughout the series.
  • This is the first time BoBoiBoy's Power Watch malfunctions due to an unknown error.
  • In Indonesia, this episode was available on DVD BoBoiBoy: The Movie as a bonus which is available at KFC Indonesia store since January 2017.
  • This is the first episode of BoBoiBoy Galaxy that was not uploaded to YouTube the same day as it was aired on TV.
  • When BoBoiBoy preformed "Tanah Pendinding" (Earth Wall), his voice was reused from BoBoiBoy: The Movie.
  • Gopal breaks the fourth wall by wiping away the image of the transformed cactus.
  • Three scenes were cut in the Disney Channel Asia release:
    • BoBoiBoy’s back being struck with the Enhancement Speed.
    • A close-up of Adu Du shooting Cattus.
    • Adu Du pointing his gun at Cattus after BoBoiBoy split.



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