BoBoiBoy Galaxy - S01E05
Official Title
Daun VS Lanun

English Translation
Leaf VS The Pirates

Air Date
December 23, 2016 (TV3 and YouTube)
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Leaf VS The Pirates” (“Daun VS Lanun”) is the is the 5th episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, and the 5th episode overall in the series.


Having returned back to Earth from their mission on the planet Gurunda, BoBoiBoy and friends are suddenly attacked by Captain Separo and his band of Space Pirates, who attempt to steal all the power spheres.


The episode begins with MotoBot asking Koko Ci about their ship’s status. Koko Ci says it needs only a few more tweaks before they can return to the TAPOPS station and introduce the new recruits to the rest of the team.

Unbeknownst to them, the Space Pirates use their captain’s old hook left on Earth to track their location A flashback ensues, reminding us that the captain attempted to latch onto Koko Ci’s ship through a portal using his hook and binds on his ship, but BoBoiBoy managed to hold them off using his Triple Split and buy Koko Ci enough time to get through the portal so that Ochobot could close it, preventing the Space Pirates from crossing over too. The captain vows to defeat BoBoiBoy and capture all the Power Spheres.

Power Band Discussion

Gopal suggestion an option for BoBoiBoy's malfunctioning Power Band.

On Earth, BoBoiBoy asks Ochobot what’s wrong with his Power Band, but Ochobot has no idea. Ying and Yaya assure BoBoiBoy that he doesn’t have to worry about new missions that come up because with them, any mission is “a walk in the park.” A hungry Cattus interrupts them with a growling stomach, but he refuses the cat food that Gopal transforms for him. Yaya asks BellBot what food Cattus prefers to eat but BellBot doesn’t know as they are usually facing towards Cattus. Since Cattus is some species of cat, they decide that it must want fresh fish and they head towards the harbor to get some.

At the harbour, Papa Zola and Mr. Mat are fishing, with Papa Zola utilizing Captain Separo’s old hook to obtain a lot of fish. When BoBoiBoy and his friends arrive Papa Zola notes how much they’ve grown. Yaya asks Papa Zola if he could spare some fish for Cattus, and Papa Zola agrees but only if Cattus learns how to fish so he can catch the fish himself and get more fish for himself in the future. However, Cattus runs at Papa Zola's basket of fish, knocking the fish back into the water, and starts eating the rattan wood of the basket. Yaya deduces that Cattus must only eat rattan wood. Despite causing Papa Zola’s hard work to go to waste, Cattus takes a shine to Papa Zola as he ”gave” him food. Papa Zola decides to adopt him as his 'Cat of Justice' to substitute for his fish and dangles his fishing hook for Cattus to play with, which BoBoiBoy and Gopal recognize as the hook belonging to the Space Pirate captain.

Just as they mention the Space Pirates, their ship arrives at the harbour. The captain demands to know who would dare to take something belonging to “Captain Separo”, referring to himself. After attempting to blame Gopal for stealing the hook Papa Zola promptly flees the scene. In Koko Ci’s ship, MotoBot and Koko Ci are alerted to the pirate ship’s signal on Earth. Tok Aba says he knows of a safe place to hide so Ochobot, MotoBot and Koko Ci follow him there.

Back at the docks, Captain Separo demands that they hand over MotoBot and BellBot before one of his crew informs him that they’ve detected both Power Spheres’ signals, but BellBot is the only one in their current area. Separate tells his crew to retrieve BellBot as he leaves to go after MotoBot and Ochobot. BoBoiBoy transforms into Wind, and he along with Yaya fly after the Space Pirates’ ship while Ying, Gopal, and Papa Zola stay and defend Bellbot. Ying uses her slow-mo field to slow the crew’s descent and move Papa Zola and Gopal to safety.

Yaya and BoBoiBoy Wind attack the ship prompting the Pirates to counter-attack, one of which almost hits Yaya until BoBoiBoy Wind switches to Earth and creates a barrier that shields them long enough for them to board the ship. Once onboard, BoBoiBoy Earth switches to Lightning and he engages with the Captain with his Lightning Blades.

Ying is not amused

Ying expressing her discontentment with Gopal's delayed attack

Back at the harbour, the Pirates are still caught in Ying’s slow-mo field and Gopal and Papa Zola discuss how they should change the Pirate Minions into food, despite Ying's protests for them to start attacking before her power runs dry. Just as Gopal readies his attack, Ying runs out of energy and the minions seem ready to enact revenge for the idea of being turned into food. Before they can attack, Gopal notices Cattus nearby and transforms the minions into fish baskets made out of rattan wood. Cattus sees this and attacks them, easily dispatching the minions.

At the cafe, Tok Aba and the rest are hiding in a small cupboard under a bench in the Tok Aba’s cafe when the Space Pirates arrive. Yaya takes care of the rest of the Pirate Minions with a Gravitational Smash while Lightning manages to knock the captain back and declares that he has lost. Ying, Gopal and Papa Zola arrive in time to hear BoBoiBoy say this and cheer, making Koko Ci think that the pirates have been taken care of and it’s safe for the Power Spheres to come out. Separo sees that all three Power Spheres are in the same place and deploys his own Power Sphere, HookaBot, to catch them all.

Separo first uses HookaBot like a flail and lands a hit on Yaya. BoBoiBoy tries to defend her from getting hit a second time but his Power Band doesn't work and he is hit by the attack at full force. The attack knocks BoBoiBoy unconscious and off the ship into a tree below, despite Yaya's attempts to save him. Seeing that their strongest hero has been defeated, Captain Separo prepares himself to attack the rest of the cast and steal the power spheres.
BBB Leaf Whirlwind

Leaf battling Captain Separo.

However, he’s interrupted by BoBoiBoy’s voice coming from the tree, revealing that he had survived the fall and activated a brand new form calling himself 'BoBoiBoy Leaf'. The others are surprised to see that BoBoiBoy had gotten a new elemental form, but are also surprised to find out that Leaf was slightly naïve and scatterbrained due to his head injury. Captain Separo moves to attack him so Leaf throws some stunning Shuriken Leaves that not only hit the captain, but everyone else too. As Leaf apologises Separo cuts away the leaves and uses HookaBot to capture all three Power Spheres, only to lose them when Leaf hits him with an Itchy Leaf blade. He then deflects HookaBot’s ensuing cannon ball shots with a Leaf Whirlwind and barrier before finally capturing Separo in a Woven Leaf Trap.

Much later, Captain Separo begs to be released, mainly because the itchy dagger that BoBoiBoy had thrown earlier had begun to itch again and he was unable to scratch it. BoBoiBoy’s friends congratulate him and ask how he was unable to unlock another element. Ochobot concludes that the Power Band wasn't malfunctioning, rather it was adapting itself to an element he had reawakened on Planet Gurunda by coming into contact with the Kaktoi tribe. BoBoiBoy says that helping them and Cattus out was worth it, just as said cat comes up to BoBoiBoy with his stomach grumbling. Gopal, annoyed, asks what his stomach is made of if he wants to eat again so soon. This angers Cattus and causes him to attack Gopal as the episode ends.

Differences with the Comic

  • The beginning part when Cici Ko tells MotoBot that the spaceship is fixed and they can go to TAPOPS Space Station is not present in the comic.
  • In the comic, when Gopal makes Cattus mad, Cattus grows big and attacks him.
  • HookaBot is blue-grey in color in the comic rather than gray.
  • In the comic, after Captain Separo gets HookaBot, he uses it against BoBoiBoy first, rather than Yaya.
  • Yaya is not hit and paralyzed by BoBoiBoy Leaf's Stunning Shuriken Leaf in the comic. She tries to help the captured Ochobot, MotoBot and BellBot, but she is slammed on to a tree by Captain Separo using HookaBot.
  • In the comic, after BoBoiBoy Leaf uses Woven Leaves Trap against Captain Separo, there are four Woven Leaves that are attached to the ground and hold the wrapped Captain Separo in a standing position.
  • In the comic, BoBoiBoy Leaf uses Thatch Flips (Libasan Lalang) to slice HookaBot off from Captain Separo after wrapping him up, which is not used in the TV Show.



  • BoBoiBoy Leaf shouldn't technically be a new element, because BoBoiBoy was able to utilize Leaf's evolved form, Thorn in BoBoiBoy: The Movie, which occurs before Galaxy. Furthermore, at the beginning of the series, the Space Pirate's readout of BoBoiBoy reveals that he had the potential to have seven different elemental forms.
    • This is likely due to BoBoiBoy Galaxy being a soft reboot and the elemental powers are to be reintroduced to new audiences who have not seen the original series.
    • Though the first-tier form of Leaf had not been introduced in the series before this episode.
  • The captain of the Space Pirates is revealed to be named "Captain Separo".
  • This episode revealed that Cattus' diet consists of Rattan Wood.
  • This is the first time Papa Zola has taken a selfie in BoBoiBoy Galaxy.
  • Power Sphera HookaBot is revealed and wielded by Captain Separo.
  • The episode's original title was “Leaf VS The Pirates” (“Daun VS Lanun”). It was shortened after Season 1 ended.


  • The scene where Papa Zola holds Cattus up in the air bears resemblance to the iconic scene in Disney’s The Lion King.
  • Papa Zola’s short speech about teaching Cattus to fish is similar to the ancient Chinese proverb, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”


  • Before Ying moved Papa Zola, Cattus was still on his left shoulder, but after she moved him, Cattus disappeared.


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