BoBoiBoy Galaxy - S01E08
Official Title
Misi Dobi TAPOPS

English Translation
TAPOPS Laundry Mission

Air Date
March 24, 2017 (TV3 and YouTube)
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TAPOPS Laundry Mission” (“Misi Dobi TAPOPS”) is the 8th episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy, and the 8th episode overall in the series.


BoBoiBoy, Fang, and Gopal are sent on a mission to deliver some bags of laundry to a client on a dangerous planet, but it looks like someone else is ready to sabotage the mission.


The episode begins with Adu Du ranting to Probe and Computer about how BoBoiBoy is always interfering with his plans and how their clothes become dirty each time they are defeated. He orders Probe to send them to the laundromat.

At the TAPOPS space station, Koko Ci is assessing the building for any damage done during Jokertu’s infiltration. He finds none but worries that the true identity of the station has been compromised and there are not enough people to defend it since all but the new recruits have been turned into cards. He explains to them that the station is actually known as a galactic laundromat to non-TAPOPS-members. TAPOPS utilises this guise to uncover any useful information from the many aliens that use the laundromat and can communicate with other TAPOPS members through laundry receipts.

As they talk, Probe arrives at the “laundromat” with the dirty clothes. Finding no staff at the reception, he goes further into the “laundromat” and discovers BoBoiBoy and his friends in the control room of the TAPOPS station. He listens as Koko Ci assigns the three boys the mission of delivering three bundles of laundry to the dangerous Planet Dargha’ya. Probe deduces that this is the TAPOPS headquarters and leaves to inform and tattle on Adu Du without anyone noticing him.

Koko Ci writes something down onto a laundry receipt, sticks it onto one bundle and tells the boys to drop them off at the designated location. He sends them off without revealing who the receiver is but gravely warns them to keep the bags spotless. Fang flies the three of them to the Dargha’ya in his spaceship and enroute to the planet Gopal and BoBoiBoy come up with multiple ridiculous reasons as to what makes it so dangerous. Fang eventually snaps at them that Dargha’ya is dangerous because it’s a dead planet reeking of decay. They don’t see that Adu Du is tailing them in order to stop them from delivering the laundry, which he is certain will call for reinforcements to TAPOPS.

Both ships arrive at Dargha’ya and Fang leads BoBoiBoy and Gopal to the drop-off spot. Adu Du lands his ship elsewhere on the planet and, with a new weapon, rides off into the forest on Probe in his vehicle mode. Meanwhile, the boys are traipsing through a forest when they hear a noise behind them. They continue without noticing a large figure they mistook for a tree leaving in the opposite direction. At the same time, Adu Du is testing out his new weapon by firing it at the decaying trees until he realises they have strayed from the path as Probe forgot to bring the GPS. Blaming Probe for getting them lost, Adu Du hits the robot with the weapon until he loses control and they are flung over a drop into some mud. The mud jams their communicator, leaving them unable to contact Computer to find them, much to Adu Du’s rage.

Back in the boys’ part of the forest they distantly hear Probe’s echoing plea for Adu Du to forgive him which Fang blames on the wind. However, there turns out to be a huge tree-like alien behind them that Fang recognises as a Tree Demon and runs for his life, calling for the other two to follow suit. The Tree Demon pursues them and they briefly escape it by hiding behind a tree, which turns out to be another Tree Demon that tries to eat Gopal. Drawn by the noise, the first Tree Demon comes running to them, prompting BoBoiBoy and Fang to fight back.

BoBoiBoy’s celebration over their victory is cut short when Fang reminds him that he accidentally threw Gopal into a tree when he rescued and they run off to look for him. However, the thoroughly exhausted Adu Du and Probe find Gopal just as the boys do. After requesting a 10 minute break, Adu Du brandishes his “super high-tech weapon” and fires it at them, only to have mud gush out. Despite the gun being clogged, Adu Du takes advantage of this by shooting mud at the laundry bundles. They barely manage to protect bundles so Fang takes them away on his Falcon with Probe‘s Mecha mode in hot pursuit.

BoBoiBoy and Gopal ask Adu Du why he’s trying to stop them this time and he reveals that he knows that their mission is to deliver a secret S.O.S. message on the laundry receipts on behalf of TAPOPS. In the air, Probe is about to shoot a final mud blast when Gopal transforms his cannons and various parts of his body into candy using his Food Sniper Blasts. Fang swoops in to break him apart but drops the bundles in the process, allowing Adu Du a clear shot of them. BoBoiBoy rapidly shifts to Leaf and pulls the bundles away in time. Enraged, Adu Du aims at BoBoiBoy, but Probe falls on him and knocks him unconscious.

As Probe wheels Adu Du away, BoBoiBoy decides to let them go because they are harmless right now and they need to finish their delivery, the drop-off of which is nearby according to Fang’s map. They make it to the location by nightfall where Fang contacts Koko Ci to let him know they succeeded. The Commander asks if there were any complications and Gopal informs him that Adu Du and Probe were on the planet, much to his shock. In response to BoBoiBoy’s question, Koko Ci confirms that Adu Du was telling the truth about them delivering an S.O.S. and that since their mission has been compromised they will need to deliver the message in person. Gopal wails in despair because they will have to remain on Dargha’ya for longer.

Gopal’s distant wail is enough to wake Adu Du and upon realising that they have again been defeated, demands Probe turn around. Unfortunately, Probe hits something that looks like a tree but are actually two Tree Demons that roar into the camera as the episode ends.


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