BoBoiBoy Galaxy - S01E16
Official Title
Berkelah Loopa Lupa?

English Translation
Picnic Loop Forget?

Air Date
December 15th, 2017 (TV3 and YouTube)
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"Loop Forget?" ("Loopa Lupa?") is the 16th episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy and the 16th episode overall in the series.


BoBoiBoy and his friends should be having a great and enjoyable picnic. But something goes wrong; their picnic is just looping and looping again. What's actually happening?


The episode begins in Outer Space where Adu Du's ship is in pursuit of an escape pod containing a Power Sphere named LoopBot. Fearful of the firing from Adu Du's spaceship, LoopBot activates hyperjump and escapes, prompting Adu Du to follow in the same manner.

Meanwhile BoBoiBoy's gang, Ochobot, Papa Zola and Commander Koko Ci are en route to Earth in Koko Ci's ship so that the Earthlings can take a well-deserved break. The planet comes into view and Admiral Tarung contacts them to ask if they have arrived, which the commander confirms.

Though grateful for the leave, they still worry about being absent from the station in case it's attacked. Tarung responds by showing them that they are already under attack from space pirates, and that Fang, Sai and Shielda are the ones defending the station. The admiral assures them it's not necessary for them to return and proceeds to don his battle suit off screen and efficiently destroy every hostile ship. Yaya and Ying wonder what power he used but Koko Ci quickly closes the screen before they can see it, commanding them to prepare for landing, much to the Earthlings' dismay.

On Earth, Tok Aba, Mr. Kumar, Aunty Yang and Mrs. Wawa are seen waiting for their children at Tok Aba's shop. Once they see the spaceship touchdown nearby, they happily welcome their respective kids home with a hug. Unfortunately Papa Zola, expecting a welcome from Mama Zila, is the only one not greeted, since his "darling of justice" is at home and sent him a shopping list instead. Papa Zola responds with "In your dreams!" which Tok Aba passes on to Mama Zila over the phone. Panicked at the thought of angering his wife, Papa runs off to buy the groceries.

The rest of the kids leave with their parents and Yaya reminds them not to forget about their outing to the beach tomorrow. Yaya's mother tells her daughter that she made some delicious fried rice. This catches Aunty Yang's attention and the two start quarelling over who is the better cook so fiercely that their daughters have to drag them apart. BoBoiBoy and Ochobot glumly comment on their similarities to their daughters while Tok Aba says to ignore them and serves his grandson hot chocolate instead.

Back in space, LoopBot's pod and Adu Du's ship warp near Earth. LoopBot locates BoBoiBoy and Probe realises he is going to ask BoBoiBoy for help. Hearing that, Adu Du fires at the pod, and a direct hit sends it crashing towards the Earth. BoBoiBoy and Cattus see the plummeting escape pod and mistake it for a strange shooting star. He soon goes to bed after Tok Aba and reminds him of the picnic tomorrow and some further nagging from Ochobot.

Meanwhile, Adu Du and Probe are searching for LoopBot, having lost his signal when he crashed on the beach. LoopBot watches from afar as they head off to continue looking for him and fearfully calls for BoBoiBoy to help him. At the same time, BoBoiBoy dreams about LoopBot running from Adu Du, imploring him to save him as his power is almost gone. The nightmare jolts BoBoiBoy from his sleep, drenched in sweat and panting like he'd just been running. Ochobot inquires why but BoBoiBoy brushes it off as a weird dream. Thinking nothing of it, Ochobot pushes BoBoiBoy to get ready for their picnic.

Later, BoBoiBoy, Ochobot and Cattus walk with Yaya to the beach. On the way, they are horrified to find out that the basket Yaya is carrying contains her biscuits. They quickly reassure her that nothing is wrong but as they continue, BoBoiBoy hears a voice mention his name. He turns around and sees nobody immediately, but stares at a bush from where he thinks the sound came from. He is so focused that he doesn't dodge the volleyball that Gopal accidentally hits towards him. As the acting referee for the volleyball game, Papa Zola yellow cards Gopal for making BoBoiBoy faint. In the bushes, Adu Du and Probe are seen silencing LoopBot.

A flashback to a few minutes ago shows that the events of BoBoiBoy's dream actually happened and that LoopBot was running towards BoBoiBoy as he was walking to the beach. He calls out BoBoiBoy's name but Adu Du causes him to short-circuit before he can call for help. As BoBoiBoy turns around, Probe and Adu Du grab LoopBot and hide in the bushes.

In the present, BoBoiBoy spikes the volleyball at Gopal in retaliation, who counters with a dig. Seeing the ball in the air, Papa Zola restarts the match and pits BoBoiBoy and Ying against Gopal and Yaya. Both teams use their powers in the match, and they manage to tie scores before Adu Du and Probe stop their game. He cryptically proclaims that he will beat them up repeatedly using the volleyball and reveals his Loop Bracelets. Papa Zola mistakes them for fashion bracelets, infuriating Adu Du enough to kick the ball into him. He then demonstrates the power of the Loop Bracelets by invoking the Loopa Loopa Loop power and placing them in a time loop that enables him to repeatedly kick the ball into Papa Zola's stomach.

Yaya and Ying go to attack him, but Adu Du incites another time loop and dodges them the second time around. Then he and Probe immobilize BoBoiBoy's gang with the volleyball. As BoBoiBoy lies on the ground he notices a weakened Power Sphere crawling up behind Adu Du. Before he can cause another time loop, the Power Sphere grabs the bracelets and performs a Mega Loopa Loopa Loop that rewinds time all the way back to when BoBoiBoy woke up that morning. This time he wakes up complaining of a headache instead of a weird dream and hesitantly complies with Ochobot telling him to get ready.

Adu Du and Probe are once again pursuing LoopBot as he runs to the beach. Adu Du expresses his confusion at running after the Power Sphere once again. The rest of the events play out the same way, the only difference being that LoopBot implores BoBoiBoy to remember before performing a Mega Loopa Loopa Loop. BoBoiBoy wakes and retains his memories of Adu Du attacking, but still brushes it off as a dream. As they chase LoopBot again Adu Du realises that he's been using his power on them and yells it so while they hide in the bushes. BoBoiBoy hears the alien's voice so he and the others investigate and find Adu Du and LoopBot hiding. LoopBot tells them his name and begs for help before refusing to give Adu Du powers and performing a final Mega Loopa Loopa Loop.

When BoBoiBoy wakes up this time, he acts on his dream by running with Ochobot out of the house. Adu Du's suspicions are confirmed, but when they capture LoopBot this time, BoBoiBoy is nowhere to be seen. The villains plan to take the power and retreat before they attack, but they're interrupted by BoBoiBoy Leaf, who is revealed to have brought Yaya and Ochobot to the beach earlier to explain the situation and lay traps for when Adu Du and Probe arrive. After the villains fall for both traps that were laid LoopBot performs some time loops before finally letting the trap propel them into the distance.

Later, they bring LoopBot with them to the beach where Papa Zola asks how the robot got there. BoBoiBoy explains that it's a "long and looping" story before getting hit with a volleyball by Gopal again. The episode ends with Gopal asking why he didn't dodge it while BoBoiBoy lies on the ground complaining of a headache.


Differences in the Comic Version

  • to be added


  • This episode marks the first appearance of Yaya and Ying's mother, as well as a voice-only role for Mama Zila.
  • Like her daughter, Mrs. Wawa is also known for making horrible biscuits and gets mad when anyone says her biscuits are horrible.
  • Like both their daughters, Mrs. Wawa and Aunty Yang have a fierce rivalry.
    • While the girls fight over who is the better student, their mother fight over who is the better cook.
  • During the episode, Ochobot and Gopal make reference to the fact that BoBoiBoy often forgets about their picnics, which is reference to BoBoiBoy: The Movie.
  • The scene when LoopBot tried to contact BoBoiBoy to save him seems a lot like how Flash contacted Batman to give a message in his dream in Batman Vs Superman.
  • The episode's original title was "Picnic Loop Forget?" ("Berkelah Loopa Lupa?"). It was shortened after Season 1 ended.


  • When Adu Du is attacking BoBoiBoy with the volleyball the Loop Bracelets are missing from his wrists.
  • Originally on several shots, the LoopBot flashes white while being Mega Loopa Loopa Loop making this episode prone to seizures. This later fixes after Season 1 ended.



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