A.B.A.M.'s Revenge
Official Title
Dendam A.B.A.M.

English Translation
A.B.A.M's Revenge

Air Date
December 29, 2017 (TV3 and YouTube)
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"A.B.A.M.'s Revenge" ("Dendam A.B.A.M.") is the 18th episode of the first season of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. and the 18th overall in the series.


While BoBoiBoy and friends are relaxing, Cattus is extremely agitated. Turns out Cattus has a bad feeling about his home so BoBoiBoy's gang return to Gurunda to investigate.


At the Oasis on the Planet Gurunda, a group of Gurunda Feline Cattus is seen living peacefully at the oasis. Suddenly, a large and strange spaceship appeared above them. A strange figure, a robot, steps out and announces it's return; chaos ensues.

Galaxy 18-2

BellBot was hunted by A.B.A.M. in his flashback.

Back at the TAPOPS Station, BoBoiBoy and his friends are playing an arcade cabinet titled 'Dance Master'. Their fun is disrupted by a message from Admiral Tarung, informing BoBoiBoy and his friends that Cattus has gone on a rampage and are ordered to try to calm him down.

The gang soon find Cattus roughhousing with Papa Zola in a room and they manage to find out from BellBot that Cattus has been overwhelmed with an uneasy feeling back in his hometown.

Galaxy 18-4

'Fierce' Admiral Tarung shed tears after hearing Cattus's sad story.

BellBot also tells them about Cattus and his partnership, that he had transformed to protect his family from a Power Sphere Hunter and that Cattus had been ostracized due to his monstrous transformation and had left home.

The gang arrived at Planet Gurunda, in search of Cattus's village. Due to the hot nature of the planet, it was starting to become unbearable for BoBoiBoy and his friends. Despite BoBoiBoy Water's attempt to cool off, the water quickly evaporated. They eventually make it to the village, where Cattus's family is located. Happy to be back home, Cattus runs back, only to accidentally trigger a trap that releases a mysterious cloud of smoke that scrambles OchoBot's scanning systems. BoBoiBoy transforms into BoBoiBoy Wind to blow away the smoke and clears up the smoke.

Galaxy 18-5

"Welcome back, Cattus!"

The mysterious robot from the beginning of the episode makes it's appearance, introducing himself as 'Accurate Ballistic Arrow Mercenary', otherwise known as A.B.A.M. (Ballistic Ranged Robot Offense / B.R.R.O. in English). A.B.A.M was revealed to be the robot who had initially attacked Cattus's village and attempted to capture BellBot. Yaya and Ying engage the robot in combat to stop him from trying to capture Cattus. However, terrified of being persecuted again for his transformation, Cattus refuses to transform. As Yaya and Ying attempt to attack A.B.A.M. BoBoiBoy tell the others to get Cattus away from the heat of the battle.

Galaxy 18-7

Yaya's and Ying's movements were being calculated.

A.B.A.M. manages to completely dodge Yaya and Ying's attacks and launches a counterattack. Seeing his friends in danger, BoBoiBoy transforms into BoBoiBoy Leaf to catch them in his Woven Leaves. Gopal, frightened of the battle, decides to let BoBoiBoy battle, knowing that he would do much better. Using their powers, Yaya and Ying attempt to attack A.B.A.M. once again, but they are completely countered by Flash Grenades and are consequently blinded. BoBoiBoy Leaf attempts his own attack but his attacks remain futile.

Despite this, BoBoiBoy Leaf manages to dodge some attacks and taunts A.B.A.M., but it was revealed to be part of a plan to trap Leaf in place. Yaya and Ying manage to recover from their blinded state but are quickly frozen in place by A.B.A.M. Realizing that he needed help, BoBoiBoy performs an Elemental Split, calling out Fire and Wind. Fire and Wind attempt to free Yaya and Ying, though their personality had been influenced by Leaf's and as a result, became childish and unpredictable, confusing A.B.A.M. Realizing that they weren't melting the ice any faster, Fire and Wind attack A.B.A.M. but get countered once again. Gopal suddenly appears in battle, transforming A.B.A.M.'s rockets into vegetables.

With Leaf as the leader, the other elements get distracted by the transformed vegetables and stop to munch on them, which confuses A.B.A.M. once more. As A.B.A.M. attempts to attack Gopal, he begins dancing to avoid the attacks, which confuses A.B.A.M. because it was too 'random'. Leaf and the other two elements join in Gopal's dancing to the TAPOPs theme, allowing them to finally defeat A.B.A.M.. Gopla does a finishing blow, transforming A.B.A.M.'s torso into a Rattan Basket to make it easier for Cattus to attack him. Although hesitant at first, Cattus transforms and completely destroys A.B.A.M., who drowns in the village's oasis.

With the evil defeated, Cattus reunites with his family, who had realized that they shouldn't have be afraid of Cattus since he now has friends who wasn't. They apologize for being afraid of him and thank Cattus for protecting them.


Differences in the Comic Version

  • to be added


  • This is the first time in BoBoiBoy Galaxy (second time in overall series, after Season 3, Episode 25 of the original series) when BoBoiBoy uses Elemental Split with only one of the original three Elemental Forms (Lightning, Wind, and Earth).
    • Fire and Leaf replace Lightning and Earth in this episode.
    • This is also one of the first time none of the original three elements are not the leader (Leaf in this episode). Leaf being the leader seems to have influenced the other elements being called out, making them more childish and random.
  • This episode marks the first time that a character has canonically 'died' in Galaxy, A.B.A.M.
  • The scene when A.B.A.M. was exploded might be inspired by the 'exploded scene' in many Japanese Power Rangers series called Super Sentai.
  • "Dancing Master" takes inspiration from Just Dance in real life. Players have various choices of songs, just following dancing-moves exactly what the dancer's doing.



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