Boboiboy vs Super Probe: Kokotiam Attack is a LEGO playset based from animated series BoBoiBoy.


Presenting a LEGO version of the animation superhero Boboiboy.

The space alien Adu Du and his robot minion, Super Probe have come to attack Tok Aba's Kokotiam. Can Boboiboy stop them?

Set highlights:

  • Features Boboiboy minifigures in 3 elemental forms: earth, wind and lightning. 
  • Adu Du minifigure and Super Probe mecha. Let Adu Du take control of the mecha and battle with Boboiboy. 
  • Enjoy refreshments at Tok Aba's Kokotiam, or Chocolate Cafe. Includes Tok Aba minifigure, cups, cash register, clock and lots of cocoa!
  • Set contains approximately 435 LEGO pieces.


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