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BoBoiBoy Cyclone
Boboiboy angin v2
Original Name: BoBoiBoy Taufan
Powers: Cyclone and Thunderstorm
True potential of: BoBoiBoy Wind
Reason: Uncontrollable Emotions
Color: Blue and White
Personality: Happy and Humorous
Performer: Nur Fathiah Diaz (Bahasa Malaysia)

Wong Wai Kay (Disney Channel English version)

Alexander Rudra Keith Henderson (YouTube English version)

First Appearance: Season 1, Episode 11

BoBoiBoy Cyclone is BoBoiBoy Wind's evolved form that was achieved after he ate plenty of Yaya's Biscuits containing Chemical X, making his emotions uncontrollable.


The stats are same to BoBoiBoy.


1. Cyclone Shield (Perisai Taufan) - Used to move himself in a Cyclone like ball. It can protect him from his enemies.

2. Cyclone Ball (Bola Taufan) - Used to defend himself from an enemy, like the Lightning Balls of BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm, only it gets bigger and rotates like a washing machine.

3. Cyclone Drill (Gerudi Taufan) - He can cover his hands with a rotating drill.

4. Wind Disc (Cakera Udara) - Powerfuk discs use to attack big robots like Mukalakus.

5Cyclone Hoverboard (Hoverboard Taufan) - His new kit, helps him to fly higher and faster.

6. Whirling Cyclone (Pusaran Taufan) - Use to threw something faster by 40% more.

7. Mega Cyclone Drill (Gerudi Mega Taufan) - The mega version of Cyclone Drill, used to defeat Petai along with Mega Thunder Blade.

8. Whirling Vortex Wind (Pusaran Angin Kencang) - used to attack Petai and to save Ochobot.

9. Sand Storm - used to defeat Petai, created with crushed land from BoBoiBoy Earthquake.

10. Spinning Vertical Wind (Deruan Angin Vertikal) - used to carry him, BBB ThunderstormEarthquake and the Giga.

11. Spinning Storm (Deruan Ribut) - used against the Cocoa Guava.

12. Cyclone Rush (Sedutan Taufan) - he used his spinning cyclone to suck enemy and making them vulnerable.

Other Powers


It started when BoBoiBoy Wind mistakenly got some fake milk with Liquid X which was made by Adu Du to use in making Yaya's Biscuits, because of eating plenty of contaminated biscuits, he got crazy, which made his powers became stronger until he turns into Cyclone (Episode 22).
The first appearance of Cyclone

The first appearance of BoBoiBoy Cyclone in Episode 22.


He was cured when Ochobot showed to him the last episode of the Telenovela called "Red Roses" where Azroy finally sees his cat Sasha, because the ending is sad, he cried until he turned back to BoBoiBoy Wind.

Season 2

He next appeared in Season 2, Episode 2 after BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm's transformation, but he was trapped by Fang's Shadow Hands which Gopal thought that he is already defeated but he later transformed to BoBoiBoy Earthquake.

Appearance in another media

  • BoBoiBoy Cyclone appears in the BoBoiBoy series' second game, Adu Du Attacks!. He appears when the player shoots the cyclone emblem.


  • On Season 3 Episode 2, Its shown that looks like BoBoiBoy Cyclone's cyclone ball is similiar to a Rasengan from the tv anime series called 'Naruto'


Kemunculan Pertama BoBoiBoy Taufan! (HD)01:44

Kemunculan Pertama BoBoiBoy Taufan! (HD)

The first appearance of BoBoiBoy Cyclone (Malay Version)

Alternate Names

  • BoBoiBoy Hurricane (Disney Channel version S2, Episodes 2, 12)
  • BoBoiBoy Storm (Disney Channel version S1, Episodes 12, 13)
  • BoBoiBoy Tornado
  • BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm (Disney Channel version S2, Episode 6)



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