Bora Ra

Bora Ra

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Leader of Tengkotak
Power Sphere hunter

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Bora Ra is an alien from Ata Ta Tiga Planet. He is the leader of The Tengkotak gang and he makes his debut in BoBoiBoy: The Movie as the main antagonist.


Unlike most cube-headed aliens, his skin is red. He is a very tall and buff alien, even taller than Ejo Jo. He wears a black and purple-ish battle suit.


He was shown as arrogant and ambitious evil alien.


  • Unlike most Ata Ta Tiga aliens, he has red skin instead of green.
  • Bora Ra only has one ear instead of two. He probably had a battle between him and someone in the past before the movie. (possibly Captain Kaizo due to a fact from the official BoBoiBoy Magazine)
  • Bora Ra bears some similarities to another one of BoBoiBoy's enemies, Ejo Jo:
    • Both had managed to capture Ochobot from the manager at Tok Aba and BoBoiBoy's Cocoa Shop.
    • Both had released a massive scaled power as their last attack. Bora Ra unleashed his Gargantuan Black Hole in the movie while Ejo Jo unleashed a giant Shadow Dragon in Season 3, Episode 2.
    • Both had acquired powers through means of force. Bora Ra succeeded in extracting the Teleportation powers while Ejo Jo managed to steal Yaya, Gopal, Ying and Fang's powers.
    • During both Bora Ra and Ejo Jo's reign of terror on the protagonists, there seemed to be a comical shtick going on about how small characters have deep voices: Cici Ko (later to be truly known as Commander Koko Ci) and Iwan.
    • The way Bora Ra had demanded Yoyo Oo for the teleportation coordinates so they could escape from danger is reminiscent to how Ejo Jo had contacted Computer to get him out of trouble and to get away.
    • Both Bora Ra and Ejo Jo had been fooled by Adu Du. Adu Du had tricked Bora Ra by means of giving him false coordinates while earlier, he had fooled Ejo Jo into getting him to come and face BoBoiBoy and Fang so the two could defeat him as planned.
    • While Bora Ra had caused Ochobot's untimely demise, Ejo Jo had contributed greatly to Probe's destruction. However, both robots end up being revived once more.
    • Other than the fact that Ejo Jo and Bora Ra had managed to keep Papa Zola hostage, they had also commented on how the human race is 'unable to advance' or is 'doomed' to have someone like Papa Zola. Bora Ra had made such a comment when Papa Zola was taking a selfie in the movie. Ejo Jo having stated such in Season 2, Episode 13 when Papa Zola was busy giving his students cards to promote his 'speech giving services'.
  • Bora Ra is arguably the most cataclysmic villain in the series as aside willing to destroy BoBoiBoy and his friends, but has responsible for conquering planets and having reputation so notorious that Ejo Jo was pale in comparison.
  • As mentioned in the fanmails, Bora Ra captures Power Spheres for his own trophy collection and gives them to The Emperor so he can conquer many planets across the galaxy.
  • Bora Ra is the first character & the first enemy that being killed by BoBoiBoy
    • However at overall of series ( Season 1-Galaxy ), BoBoiBot is the 1st character that being killed/destroyed by BoBoiBoy, however since BoBoiBot is a robot so it doesn't count.


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