Careful on the Road (Berhati-hati di Jalan Raya) is a special commercial of BoBoiBoy during Hari Raya 2012.


Tok Aba told BoBoiBoy to hurry up and get into his car, BoBoiBoy asked Tok Aba where he (along with Ochobot) are going but he didn't tell him, until he finds out that Tok Aba will make his car go around the house which made BoBoiBoy fainted.


PSA Hari Raya - 'Berhati-hati di Jalan Raya'00:31

PSA Hari Raya - 'Berhati-hati di Jalan Raya'


  • It reveals that the Blue Car which only appeared in the 2009 Sneak Peek of BoBoiBoy belongs to Tok Aba.


BoBoiBoy - Nur Fathiah Diaz

Tok Aba - Anas Abdul Aziz

Ochobot - Muhammad Fathi Bin Diaz


  • During the start of the commercial, a wall is standing beyond Tok Aba's house fence, it disappeared when Tok Aba is driving the car.

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