The Chemical X (Cecair Emosi X) is a chemical solution Adu Du puts in his fake milk experiment to trick BoBoiBoy Wind while looking for White Goat's Milk in World Biscuits Day (Season 1, Episode 11).


Adu Du got the idea from Probe after he saw that he is emotional when he didn't see Sasha and even finish the Red Roses Telenovela earlier in the episode, because of this, Adu Du experimented the Fake Milk and the most important thing is the Liquid X which can make a person's emotions uncontrollable.


Adu Du and Probe accomplished their mission tricking BoBoiBoy Wind using the Fake Milk. They made it look attractive by putting a promo sign, because BoBoiBoy Wind doesn't know it, when he ate one of Yaya's Biscuits, he started laughing and ate more biscuits while distributing it to the neighborhood, Ying finds out that all the people on Rintis Island (including Gopal) becomes crazy, she reported it to BoBoiBoy and Yaya, but Yaya at first, doesn't believe that it was her Biscuit, when they found BoBoiBoy Wind, BoBoiBoy Earth and BoBoiBoy Thunder told him to stop eating biscuits, but he ignored it and laughed really hard, making his powers strong and later evolved to BoBoiBoy Cyclone, after he evolved, he tried to defeat Adu Du and Super Probe and feed Adu Du with Yaya's Biscuits.



The Making of Chemical X