The Crooked Monster is Papa Zola's enemy in the Papa Zola Comic.
Komik Papa Zola Bahagian 1 (Part 2)

Crooker Monster (top)


One day, an asteroid crashed in Planet Earth where the Crooked Monster is riding, there he proclaims himself to Papa Zola as a "Crooked Monster", he teased Papa Zola that he is ugly but he said "The Truth is not ugly", when he is about to kick him, the monster pulled his left leg and he kicked Papa Zola.

Papa Zola quickly think, and he used P Ruler to defeat him, but he returns as a straight monster which made him Papa Zola's slave.



  • He is the second enemy of Papa Zola, the first is the Sleeping Monster.
    Komik Papa Zola Bahagian 2 (Part 4)

    Crooked Monster become Straight Monster

  • In the Malaysian Version, he is known as "Raksasa Bengkok".
  • This monster along with the P Ruler was mentioned by Probe in Season 2, Episode 3.
  • It only appeared in comic books.


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