Adu Du's Hiding Box
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Location: below the Junk Shop
Owned by: Adu Du, Probe and Computer
First appearance: Season 2, Episode 1 (under construction)
What is it, BoBoiBoy knew about our Hiding Box huh?

— Adu Du asking Probe in Season 2, Episode 2

Adu Du's Cube Fortress (Markas Kotak) is located under the Junk Shop, it serves as his headquarters for the Spaceship after Probe sold it to Bago Go.


After Probe had sell Adu Du's Spaceship to Bago Go and lose against BoBoiBoy in the Season Finale, Adu Du decided to dig very deep in the Junk Shop so he could make his hiding place and also their new home (Season 2, Episode 1).

In Season 2, Episode 10, Probe sold Adu Du's Hiding box to Bago Go to buy an 'eco-friendly' lawn mower S8000.  Then, Ejo Jo had bought it as his home when he arrived at the Earth soon.


In Season 2, Episode 2, inside the cave, Adu Du burned all Probe's Horror Book Collection because the stories doesn't make any sense, earlier in that episode.

In Season 2, Episode 6, BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Yaya Ying went here, Fang told them because he already seen it when BoBoiBoy is not yet in Rintis Island.

In Season 2, Episode 8, Adu Du expect that BoBoiBoy and his friends will come to defeat him, so he placed dozens of traps in the entrance but all of them failed.


  • Living Room
  • Adu Du's Room
  • Probe's Room
  • Storage Room


  • In the Disney Channel English Version, it is called Cube Fortress and stated as Box Headquarters.

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