Earth Golem or Giga is a character in BoBoiBoy.


BoBoiBoy Earthquake has a Self-controlled Earth Golem (Giga for short) that he use to defeat robots like Mukalakus (Season Finale).


After BoBoiBoy Earth evolved to BoBoiBoy Earthquake, he was about to strike by Mukalakus with his Laser Blade but the Earth Golem punched the Robot really hard.

In Season 3, Episode 1, Ejo Jo used Gopal's powers and transformed him to glass and destroyed it.


Giga Uppercut (Tumbukan Giga) - Because he is made from hard rocks, he could destroy big and hard things like Mukalakus.

Collision Punch (Tumbukan Gegar) - much powerful than Giga Punch, this time he used his big fists.

(because he is big, he is stronger than Yaya)




  • Giga means "gigantic" or "giant".


  • His eyes are suppose to be blue, but before he lose his arms, his eyes turned red in Season 2, Episode 13.


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