The Earth Pilar Grab (Tanah Tinggi Pencengkam) is one of BoBoiBoy's abilities for the upgraded Earth element.

Season 2, Episode 13

BoBoiBoy used it to grab PETAI's leg and threw him many times, it disappeared when PETAI used his shield before BoBoiBoy attacked him.


  • The arms is similar to the Earth Golem but longer.
  • In Season 3, Episode 5, the color of the arms is the same as BoBoiBoy's Earthquake's gloves.
  • A single arm was used to punch Bora Bora in BoBoiBoy: The Movie.
  • In the Disney Channel English Version, it was known as the High Land Claw.



BoBoiBoy - Tanah Tinggi Pencengkam00:10

BoBoiBoy - Tanah Tinggi Pencengkam

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