These are the effects of the Liquid X Adu Du made.

Postamn affected by X

The postman affected by Liquid X

Postman:Huh!? why must you puncture in the serious crisis? acting that i took care of you!?

Gopal afected

Gopal affected by the liquid X

Gopal:Papa! please buy me a new exercise book! because my book looks like toilet paper!

Yaya:hey what is wrong with you Gopal?

Gopal:What is wrong with me today? i have just tasted your biscuit

Yaya:you must have got it from Boboiboy where is he?

Gopal:I dont know? I really Dont know?

Gopal:hey I am not crazy!

Ochobot:oh no no! whats wrong with you have you gone mad?

Gopal:I dont know whats really wrong with me after i tried Yaya's biscuit i became like this.

Burgerman:Burger! Burger!!! Burger time!!! buy one you take one buy two you take this

BoBoiBoy - Experimen Cecair Emosi X Adu Du01:23

BoBoiBoy - Experimen Cecair Emosi X Adu Du

The Liquid X being created

biscuit free!!!hehehe!!!

Crazy burgerman

Burgerman affected by the Liquid X


Adu Du got affected by the liquid X too.

Adu Du:Oh my dear Probe are you hurt my good friend?

Probe:Umm yes im hurt after we got bitten up just now.

Adu Du:let me put some medicine on you.

Probe: Hmmmm.... (Thinking the recent happenings)

BoBoiBoy Cyclone:Take this the powerful of Yaya's Biscuits!!!

Adu du:Noooo! umnumnum! oh ih ah oooooohhhh

Probe:oh no Mister boss!

Probe:Oh no BoBoiBoy forced mister Boss to eat Yaya's biscuits OH NOOOO!

Adu Du:oh probe i really pity you.

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