The Elemental Split is BoBoiBoy's ultimate power that allows himself to 'split' himself into different 'clones' of him with specific powers.


Elemental Split is BoBoiBoy's ultimate ability that allows him to split into different elemental forms of himself. Initially, he could only split into three elements, but later was able to do five and in the movie, he was able to achieve all seven.

Elemental Split

BoBoiBoy using Elemental Split in the Galaxy Opening.

When using Elemental Split, BoBoiBoy essentially makes copies of himself, but pertaining to each form that is called out upon. Each of the Form is their own person and is able to function independently from BoBoiBoy, but usually under the command of one form, usually Earth.

Each Form has their own unique personality, that was originally part of BoBoiBoy's original personality. Their clothing is also a variation of BoBoiBoy's original clothing schematic, but having their own special unique color to help distinguish them from each other.


To learn more about Elemental Forms, visit Elemental Forms.

From the available forms, BoBoiBoy is able to summon the each form. The forms that BoBoiBoy has attained is as follows:

Base Forms

Evolved Forms


  • When using Elemental Split, Earth is almost always present to help lead the other elements. This is probably because Earth is the personification of BoBoiBoy's leadership qualities as well as being the closest one in personality to the original BoBoiBoy.



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