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This episode can also be called : Episode 11 Pt.1

It's World Biscuits Day so BoBoiBoy Wind was forced to help Yaya by making biscuits but Adu Du and Probe will try to mess it up again.


The episode starts Tok Aba explaining about his's and BoBoiBoy's victory against the Sleeping Monster in the Giant Checkers Game.

The scene opens up in the Telenovela called "Red Roses". It shows up a teenager named Azroy who is trying to say goodbye to his pet cat Sasha for the last time, because the Telenovela is emotional, it made Probe and even Adu Du cry. In the Cocoa Shop, Gopal hates Azroy for leaving Sasha alone so much, Tok Aba aske
d him why he is watching Telenovela instead of studying, moments later, a commercial for the World Biscuits Day is shown in the TV which is narrated by Mr.Biscuit, Gopal, BoBoiBoy, Ying is starting to freak out because Yaya's Biscuits are horrible, and they expected that there are some instances that they will not only have to taste but also help her in making these biscuits. As Yaya arrived, Gopal and Ying ran away (since they hate her biscuits), BoBoiBoy was the only one who hadn't managed to escape. Yaya asked BoBoiBoy if he can help her, at first, Tok Aba said that he can't help her but when Yaya said "Please!" He felt pity for her and said to BoBoiBoy to split into three and one of the 3 BoBoiBoys can help her.

BoBoiBoy splits into three, and three of them are confused who should help Yaya. They choose to decide it using La Talila, and BoBoiBoy Wind is the chosen one who should help Yaya. Then BoBoiBoy Thunder decides that BoBoiBoy Earth should help Tok Aba and he is going to watch TV, Yaya mentioned the ingredients that BoBoiBoy should buy for the biscuits, this plan was noticed by Adu Du.

Adu Du noticed that Probe is still emotional because of the telenovela that he watched earlier, this gives Adu Du an idea and went to his Lab.



Help me please!

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