This is the twenty-second episode of Season 1. It also can be called Episode 11 Pt. 2.


As the continuation from the previous episode, Adu Du is seen in the laboratory room of his Spaceship making a fake milk with Liquid X to trick BoBoiBoy Wind for World Biscuits Day. To trick him, Probe made an attractive Milk Stand near Yaya's House where BoBoiBoy Wind is supposed to go to. As BoBoiBoy Wind arrived, he was confused why the Milk's color is green. There's a sign which says that it came from a male goat. Seeing that, Adu Du gets mad at Probe. BoBoiBoy Wind grabs it and started to see the label. He was confused that it was apple flavor. Adu Du is very stress at Probe and BoBoiBoy Wind is (foolishly) tricked. But when Boboiboy wind bought it, Adu Du changed his mood from being upset to satisfied.


  • The name that was written in the bottle is "'Susu Kambing Perisa' Epal" which means "Goat's Milk Apple Flavor".

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