Traveling to Planet Gurunda (Kembara Planet Gurunda) is the third episode of BoBoiBoy Galaxy. It is released on TV3 at December 9, 2016.


BoBoiBoy and Gopal, having been iniated into TAPOPS, is sent on a mission on a planet called Gurunda.


The episode begins with BoBoiBoy and Gopal running away from something on another planet. The scene fades to a flashback of 5 hours ago.

5 hours ago, Koko Ci inaugurated them into TAPOPS as new Cadets. He gives them an easy mission since they are cadets (the lowest rank), but Gopal wanted a tough mission.

The scene fades back to the present where BoBoiBoy and Gopal are still running. They hide themselves behind a rock, and Gopal blames BoBoiBoy for their situation. BoBoiBoy retorts that Gopal is the one who wanted a tough mission. Suddenly, the thing is right behind them as it's still finding them. Another flashback from a few hours ago ensues.

A few hours ago, Koko Ci assigned Gopal and BoBoiBoy a mission: find a Power Sphera on Planet Gurunda. At that moment, Ying and Yaya entered the spaceship and greeted everyone as they had just returned from a holiday. Koko Ci gave BoBoiBoy and Gopal a tablet containing information about the planet, but Gopal threw it away as he thought they didn't need it. MotoBot returned their vehicles in the previous episode and the boys were ready for the mission.

On Planet Gurunda, Gopal quickly found the Power Sphera. Suddenly, something appeared and Koko Ci warned BoBoiBoy that it's a creature and it was right after Gopal. BoBoiBoy transformed into BoBoiBoy Wind and used Wind-Surf to save Gopal from the creature's attack, he then urged Gopal to counter-attack. BoBoiBoy transformed into BoBoiBoy Lightning and used Lightning Dash to dodge its Thorn Attack. Its thorns tried to prevent them from escaping, BoBoiBoy then transformed into BoBoiBoy Earth and used Earth Smash to smash the thorns. The creature didn't let them escape, it hit its tail to the ground and both of them fell, they then continued running away from it.

Back in the present, the creature almost hits Gopal but it's fortunate for him that Yaya and Ying save him and BoBoiBoy just in time. They then reveal the creature is Gurunda Monster and the Power Sphera Gopal is holding turns out to be her egg, which explains why she chased and attacked him. Suddenly, the egg hatches and a baby Gurunda Monster was born, but it immediately hugs and bites Gopal's hand. The mother Gurunda Monster becomes angry as Gopal hits her baby and continues chasing and attacking him.

BoBoiBoy and Yaya try to stop her while Gopal tries to let the baby go off his hand, and Ying urges him to transform cactuses down the ravine into bubblegum so as to keep the mother Gurunda Monster calm down. She then runs to BoBoiBoy as she hears his scream and urges him to use his power to throw the mother Gurunda Monster down the ravine. BoBoiBoy and Yaya doubt her plan, but Ying told him that just trust her and do it. BoBoiBoy then uses his power and successfully throws the Monster down the ravine. The bubblegum keeps her safe, and Gopal finally gives the baby back to her.

The problem is finally solved, but Koko Ci is disappointed about BoBoiBoy and Gopal because they haven't completed the mission. As punishment, they aren't allowed to return to Earth until the mission is completed, and Koko Ci also inaugurates Ying and Yaya into TAPOPS as new Lance Corporals. They, along with Ochobot, will help BoBoiBoy and Gopal complete the mission.

Differences with the Comic

  • In the episode, Yaya and Ying call BoBoiBoy to warn him about the impending danger on Gopal. However, in the comic, the only Ying is shown to be calling BoBoiBoy.
  • In the episode, the baby Gurunda Monster bites onto Gopal's lower arm, but in the comic, it bites onto Gopal's upper arm.
  • The comic shows that Ying uses her Time Manipulation on BoBoiBoy Lightning to help him slice the thorns shot by the mother Gurunda Monster. However, in the episode, Ying does not help him.
  • The comic shows that Yaya and BoBoiBoy Wind attack the Gurunda Monster simultaneously. However, in the episode, only BoBoiBoy Wind attacks the Gurunda Monster.
  • When Gopal and the baby Gurunda Monster are falling off a cliff, the mother Gurunda Monster yells "My baby!!!" in the episode, but in the comic, she yells "Anak aku!" ("My child!" in Malay).



  • This is the first full episode that Monsta uploaded on YouTube.
  • This episode marks the debut of Yaya and Ying in this series.
    • Their absences during the first two episode are also explained: they were on a long vacation.
  • This is the second time Gopal has been shocked by BoBoiBoy Lightning's power in BoBoiBoy Galaxy (Episode 1).



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