My mom and dad are also busy and can't come.

Fang briefly mentioning his parents (Season 3, Episode 23)

BoBoiBoy Fanmails (Fang's Parents)

Question about Fang and Kaizo's parents.

Fang and Captain Kaizo's parents are two unseen, unnamed characters in the series.

They have not been seen in the original series and it is unclear whether they will make an appearance in BoBoiBoy Galaxy, but Fang did mention them in Season 3, Episode 23. BoBoiBoy was sad since his parents' job prevented them from coming to the Earth Day Festival at his school. Fang tried to cheer him up by saying that his parents are also busy and are unable to come to the festival.

It's revealed in fanmails that they're also aliens just like their sons and their race is unknown. Both of them are alive and staying in their home planet. In fanmail of BoBoiBoy Comic Magazine Issue 62 mention both Fang and Kaizo still able to visit them as often as they can if they are have free time aside from their duty

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