The Fish is a dead animal in the series.


The fish was owned by the Random Guy but Potato, Yaya's former cat stole it and took a bite on it, Gopal tries to help the guy, but when he is trying to get the fish back, Potato scratched him, Gopal returned the fish but the guy doesnt wan't it anymore because it's only a fish bone which made BoBoiBoy and his friends laughed.

In Season 1, Episode 4, Potato was seen having the fish bone again but sucked by Adu Du's Spaceship.


Gopal: Give me back that Fish or face the punishment!

(Potato attacking him)

Oh! No! No! No! Ouch!

BoBoiBoy: So what happened, did you manage to get the Fish?

Gopal: Got it! But the guy doesn't want it anymore, so he gave it to me!

BoBoiBoy, Ying and Yaya: (Laughing)


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