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BoBoiBoy The Movie OST - Track 11 (Gaganaz menyerang)02:55

BoBoiBoy The Movie OST - Track 11 (Gaganaz menyerang)

Gaganaz Menyerang (Gaganaz Attacks) is the 11th track in BoBoiBoy: The Movie. It is played when BoBoiBoy and his friends try to escape from the mutated Gaga Naz. When the machines are accidentally activated, Yaya and Ying work together to save BoBoiBoy, Ochobot, Gopal and Fang from being captured by Gaga Naz. After the boys manage to dodge all the machines, Gaga Naz shoots laser beams, which destroy the machines and platform.
He sees BoBoiBoy's Cap and thinks that he and his friends are dead.
Padan muka kau, BoBoiBoy.

"In your face, BoBoiBoy!"

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