Global TV is a television network in Indonesia that formerly airing this animated series. This channel airing the series from May 5, 2012 untill September 2014. 
GlobalTV (Indonesia).svg

A Commercial of Global TV's 10th Anniversary Promo

BoBoiBoy Global TV 10th Anniversary Promo00:26

BoBoiBoy Global TV 10th Anniversary Promo

Global TV 10th Anniversary Promo

The entire cast (except Ochobot) of the series giving congratulations on Global TV's first ever decade. In the end of this video, they said the Indonesian version of "Awesome"/"Terbaik" and Global TV's slogan called, "100% Seru!" (100% Fun!). The second slogan is "Untuk keluarga Indonesia" (For Indonesian Families) and the first slogan is "Seru!" (Fun!)

Global TV's 11th Anniversary

Gopal bring the presents box at Tok Aba's Cocoa Shop. His friends ask what's the box, and he showed them a chocolate cake that writting "Selamat Ulang Tahun Global TV ke-11" (Happy Birthday 11th Anniversary of Global TV). In the end of this short commercial, the main cast also give birthday greetings for this TV channel.

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