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Gopal Kumar

Gopal Render

Gopal dalam BoBoiBoy Galaxy

Personal Information

Biological Information


June 20, 2000


Hair Color
Dark Brown

Eye Color

Mr. Kumar (father)
Unnamed mother
Voiced by
Dzubir Mohammed Zakaria (Malay, Disney English)
Ryan Lee Bhaskaran (YouTube English)
Tomokazu Seki (Japanese, Boboiboy)
Tetsuya Kakihara (Japanese, Boboiboy Galaxy)

                 Gopal A.R. Kumar is one of the main characters in BoBoiBoy and BoBoiBoy Galaxy. He is part of BoBoiBoy's Gang and BoBoiBoy's 'best friend'.


Not much is known about Gopal's early life. It's assumed that he lived a rather happy life with his father and mother. He also frequents Tok Aba's cocoa shop, being one of the shop's favorite regulars, often asking for free drinks.

Apparently, when he was registered in school, his father, Mr. Kumar, gave the school Gopal's wrong birthdate and as a result, he is put in BoBoiBoy's grade level.


Out of all the people in BoBoiBoy's Gang, Gopal is one who likes to favor his own desires and needs among others. He fears for his own life, which can often be a hindrance in battle sometimes, but under extreme fear and stress, he's shown to be quite helpful in some situations, as his power grows when he's afraid. Gopal rather has something benefit himself, but he still has a good heart. Gopal still cares for his friends and he is shown being worried if they're in trouble. 

He enjoys food the most, especially Tok Aba's chocolate goodies at the Cocoa Shop or some form of junk food. Gopal is also an opportunist, especially when it comes to benefitting himself. He's shown multiple times to take advantage of things to help gain him something. This is first shown when he automatically glues himself to BoBoiBoy after it's revealed that he was Tok Aba's grandson, so he could get free drinks at the Cocoa Shop. 

Skills and Abilities


Gopals powers were given by Ochobot, but upon receiving his powers, Ochobot had forgotten what his powers were after he was kicked by BoBoiBoy to save him. After several attempts at trying to figure his own power, only after he and his friend were kidnapped by Adu Du did Gopal reveal that he had the power to turn anything he touches into food, which increases in power when he's scared.

Later, it's revealed that Gopal actually had Molecule Manipulation, which was to transform one object into another, granted it's not another living being. The reason why he could 'only' turn things into food was because it was constantly on his mind. He's shown to be able to transform objects into something else and return it into their original form. In BoBoiBoy: The Movie , he was able to turn himself into said objects; turning himself into Gold, Diamond, and Jelly.

Orginal Series

* Mirror Transformation (Tukaran Kaca)
  • Paper Transformation (Tukaran Kertas)
  • Iron Transformation (Tukaran Besi)
  • Roti Canai Transformation (Tembakan Roti Canai)
  • Random Green Vegetables Transformation (Tukaran Sayur-Sayur Ulam)
  • Flour Fried Squid Transformation (Tukaran Sotong Goreng Tepung)
  • Biscuit Transformation (Tukaran Biskut)
  • Rubber Body Transformation (Tukaran Badan Getah)

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

  • Candy Cane Transformation (Tukaran Gula-Gula Pusing)
  • Food Transformation Blasts (Tembakan Makanan)
  • Spaghetti Transformation Barrage (Tembakan Spageti Makcik Kantin)
  • Cotton Candy Transformation Sniper (Tembakan Sniper Gula Kapas)
  • Bubble Gum Transformation Sniper (Tembakan Gula-Gula Getah)


  • Gopal's race is Indian.
  • Gopal is one of the two characters of BoBoiBoy whose full name is known, the other is Yaya. His last name is Kumar. His full name was revealed in Season 2, Episode 3, it was written as Gopal A.R. Kumar.
  • He is supposed to be Grade 6 (Season 2) but his father mistakenly enrolled him in one grade lower a few years ago (starting from Grade 1 instead of Grade 2). That's why he and BoBoiBoy are classmates.
  • Despite being the oldest of his friends at age 11 (Season 1), 12 (Season 2 - Movie), 15 (Galaxy), he's also the least mature of his friends.
  • According to fan mail, Gopal's favorite genre is Detective Fiction. Although it's already been shown canon to be true, as Gopal was revealed to be a fan of Kid Detective Konon (Season 3, Episode 15 ).


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Meet Gopal!00:30

Meet Gopal!

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