Like to BoBoiBoy and Ying, Gopal is also friendly towards Yaya but the only thing that he doesn't like about her is the Horrible Biscuits.


The Series

In Episode 8, BoBoiBoy said that if Yaya can saved him, Ying and Gopal from Adu Du's Spaceship, he will guarantee Gopal to eat all his biscuits which he thought is a joke at first but later, he did ate it an

Gopal are you Ok?

d fainted.

Yaya is so worried when BoBoiBoy Storm burned Gopal's butt with a Lightning Sword (Episode 12).

Gopal and Ying doesn't want to help Yaya to make Biscuits for World Biscuits Day (Episode 21).

In the Season Finale, Yaya tried to offer his biscuits again to BoBoiBoy but Gopal stopped her, instead he transformed Ying's Domo-like headpin to a cookie.


I just had tasted your own biscuits!

Gopal dancing to Yaya