Gravity Manipulation (call as Gravitokinesis/Gyrokinesis) is Yaya's main power.

Yaya absorbing gravity from her hands

It gaves the user ability to manipulate gravity by increasing or decreasing gravity around user or the target. It also used to absorb gravity around the user's hand or feet to increased their strength.

It is proved that it can use remotely by Ejo Jo as seen in Season 3, Episode 1.

Close Encouters

It was revealed by Ejo Jo's Computer that Yaya can absorb gravity from her hands and release it.

One sample was in Episode 4, Yaya absorbing the gravity from her hands and used it to punch Probe while attempting to buy the whole basket of biscuits.

Season 3, Episode 1

Ejo Jo used this power to float Boboiboy and punch him. He also used this in combat skills against Boboiboy. He later used it to make Boboiboy Earthquake and Earth Golem cannot stand. He used it float many big rocks before using Time Manipulation. He used it again for safe landing on Earth Spike.


- Yaya (Main user)

- Papa Zola (User when Yaya is trapped inside Shadow Cocoon)

- Ejo Jo (with armor suit)


BoBoiBoy - Kuasa Manipulasi Graviti00:24

BoBoiBoy - Kuasa Manipulasi Graviti

Gravity Manipulation

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