BoBoiBoy Galaxy info - 3

Gurunda is a planet where plant-like aliens, the Gurunda Monster, Cattus and BellBot resides. It appears in BoBoiBoy Galaxy Episode 3.


This planet is a desert planet, with rocks formations and cactuses similar to those seen on Earth. The buildings of the village are white and green, and they take the shapes of cactuses. Water is scarce in this planet since it can reach up to 100 degree Celsius, causing water to evaporate. Hence, the living beings obtain water from cactuses.

In the planet, there are a Cactus-like humanoid alien that life at Kaktoi Tribe, where the cactus-like humanoid alien named Waibi and his family life in there. Aside him and his family, there are also another creature life in there such as Gurunda Monster and her baby, Cattus and BellBot.


  • Gurunda is a play on "gurun", which means "desert" in Malay and Indonesian.


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