Punch Eating Mukalakus!

Adu Du

The Hard Punch (Tumbukan Keras) is Mukalakus' punching power.

Season 1, Episode 13

When Yaya got angry after Mukalakus shot Ying, she use her "Super Impact Punch" to defeat him but Mukalakus's Punch is much stronger and even bumped herself into a tree.

Season 3, Episode 1

Boboiboy tập cuối mùa 1( Đoạn đánh bại robot Mukalakus)01:05

Boboiboy tập cuối mùa 1( Đoạn đánh bại robot Mukalakus)


  • The Hard Punch is 40% powerful than any of Yaya's punches.
  • The Hard Punch is known as:
  • Dam that manh Vao (Vietnam)
  • Punch Eater (Disney Channel English version)
  • Mukalakus Power Punch (YouTube English version)

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