BoBoiBoy and Gopal were sucked into a video game called Papa Zola No.5 "Truth Against the Forces of Darkness". Adu Du told Computer to prepare the Machine and Tok Aba's Cocoa.Before sucking them in, Adu Du waited for them to play 5 hours.
BoBoiBoy and Gopal

The Story

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Because the TV Show is too illogical, Gopal and BoBoiBoy decided to play the Brand New Video Game called : Papa Zola No.5 "Truth Against the Forces of Darkness", Tok Aba asked them if they could help him with Ochobot around the house, Gopal said that it will only take 5 minutes but it did take 5 hours, When he said that no one can enter the game, he and BoBoiBoy were sucked inside the Game, Tok Aba and Ochobot finds out that it was the work of Adu Du and Probe


Adu Du:Computer! prepare the machine and Tok Aba's Cocoa to play this game! Muhahahahahahahaha!

Computer:Yes Boss!

Tok Aba:Hey what are you guys doing?

BoBoiBoy:umm, we are gonna play a game grandad

Tok Aba:play games.Why not help me and Ochobot move these things at the back?

BoBoiBoy:umm, not now Granddad we are playing a game now!

Tok Aba:haay,how long will this take?

Gopal:just five minutes.



BoBoiBoy:Now take this, The Powerful Whip of Regret!

Tok Aba:Ouch! Huh?


Ochobot:You guys are still playing?

Gopal:no one can enter to the game world

BoBoiBoy and Gopal:aaaaaah! (sucked in the game world)

What happened? What happened?



Tok aba:huh! thi.. this must be Adu Du's doing!

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