Gopal cute face attack!!!

So yeah, hi ^^ and welcome to my page.

My name is... just call me Aliyah....

I'm from Indonesia (is there a people who live in Indonesia too here?) so... i'm can understand Malaysian language, but that doesn't make i can speak they language fluenty.

About my Uname? Actually, it based on my blogspot. It's here

Btw, forgive my poor english /(_ _)\

About Me

Name : Denisa Aliyah F.

DOB: October 29,1999

Occupation: Student ofc

Age: Well... i guess you can get it right

Religion: Islam

HomeTown: Duren Sawit,East Jakarta,DKI Jakarta,Indonesia

Personality: You might see me as a 'ice' girl, but if you get close to me... I'm a sensitive one, it just i don't show it to you guys, the 'weird' one yet the calmest.

Ambition: Writer

Relationship: No one~

Male/Female: Female

Likes and Dislikes

Stuff I Like...

- Kpop MUSIC! (esp Girls' Generation,DaVichi,Co-ED School), but i also almost love every song

- Roleplaying, yeah i'm a roleplayer... in twitter.

- My friends when i'm in Grade 7-1

- English,Bahasa(even in this subject the teacher is the killer one)

- Online/? Kkk~

- Watching BoBoiBoy!

- Stalking

- Dancing (a bit...)

- Rapping

- Drawing

- Some anime, like Kamisama Hajimemashita,K-On!.

- BOOKS!!!!!

- IPod (wish i have one T_T)

- Singing

- Blogging

- My past (for some reason)

- My religion's teacher

- My grandfather :"D

- Imagination!!!!

- Writing

- Music that 'easy and catchy listening'

Stuff I Dislike...

- Teacher killer

- Homework

- My class

- My past (for some reason..too...)

- My little brother and sister, they always fight everyday ._. . Esp ma lil bro.

- Too loud

- Read word like 'cute','adorable'... even i have to say it. it just make me sick.

- When people tell me that i'm cute

- Stranger stares to me (depends on the condition)

Abilities and Weakness

My Abilities:

- Have the innoncent, baby face and...chubby cheeks? Well... that's people says

- Almost good at rapping (only Korean Songs)

- Have good skills for Religion,English and Computer lessons


- I can't say 'R' for some word

- The slowest granddaugther

- Can't get focus for some condition

- A Dandere (find it on Google if you didn't know this)

- Sensitive one

- Most passive than my sister

- The emotional one

My Favorite TV Shows and Movies

For TV Shows, i used to watch BoBoiBoy in my brother's tv cabel or Youtube. And some others TV Shows is Spongebob Squarepants , Winx Club, Regular Show, Adventure Time, Phineas & Ferb, Metal Fight Beyblade, Street Football, The Amazing World Of Gumball, Chalkzone . Not too much eh? Yep that's the Cartoon's part.

Other Shows? Hello Baby,The Biggest shows In Asia, Yuk Keep Smile, M!Countdown (but poorly i just saw it when After School perfom 'First Love', ONLY THAT), Star King, Para Pencari Tuhan (only at RAMADHAN), My Girlfriend Is A Nine Tailed Fox, Secret Garden and still more...

For Movies, i like Surat Kecil Untuk Tuhan, Cars, Attack On The Pin Up Boys, Rise of The Guardians, How To Train Your Dragon, The Spirited Away, Howl Moving Castle, The Cat Returns and morrreee....

My Elementary and High School

My elementary life it's really... mixing out. Actually, i have bad experiment at elementary. I don't want to tell it /.\ yet i'm start to forget that. And... my class have the most students when i'm around Grade 6 with 6-2 then 3 other school... Well, i don't remember if that's 3 or... yeah whatever . It was a beautiful yet make me cry memories.

High School? Hmm... not much to say. Meet another friends, and the boys in my class just like girl... too much talking XD. For me, the best moment is when... yeah, you can see it on my Like and Dislike. I'm meet the awesome people, who's fit to me. But now at Grade 8... i don't feel that way, i'm just feel... i'm gonna have a long adaptation then usual...

Favorite BoBoiBoy Character

OMG!!! I CAN'T CHOOSE! For god sake, that's true. I love all (except P.E.T.A.I and Ejo Jo) BoBoiBoy's character. But, for the 'MOST' is... well, here it is

My Favorite
Ying - She's my favorite and ofc ULTIMATE one
BoBoiBoy Halilintar - Everytime i see him, i'm flyin'
Fang- I'm specchless about him...*nosebleed*
Gopal-He's so funny yet he's sometime make me laugh hard
Probe- I think he's the cute robot *^*

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