Iwan is a character in BoBoiBoy. Unlike his classmates, Iwan doesn't speak much but still a smart kid, he is friendly towards BoBoiBoy, Gopal, Ying, Yaya and the rest of the class except Fang. Iwan is the smallest among his classmates. He commonly faints when he is freaking out.


He was first seen in Season 2, Episode 1, he offered his seat to Tok Aba when he is in school to accompany BoBoiBoy as he is a new student. The next day, he listened to Gopal's story about a Haunted House near the school which scared him. Iwan is good towards BoBoiBoy and his friends, he also joined Team BoBoiBoy in the Football Game. If it wasn't for him, they will lose in the game. He is one of the students who was trapped in Ejo Jo's Spaceship.


He is a coward, but sometimes brave. He had been brave when battling Adu Du in their soccer battle, when he scored a goal with his head.


Iwan is small boy with a fair skin, deep grey eyes and black hair. He is always seen in uniforn which is a white T-shirt with red line on both sleeves beneath his vest like Ying, but his' is green while Ying's yellow . For his bottom he wears a blue jeans. He also wears a black school shoes.


  • Iwan is possibly voiced by a female actress because sometimes his voice (including screams) sounds like a girl's voice.
  • Iwan sometimes faint when he is surprised or scared, which is like a referrence to Upin and Ipin's Ijat who mostly faints every episode.


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