The Junkyard is a place located in Rintis Island.


This is the place where all trash are collected, even worn out vehicles.

The Series

Ever since Adu Du came to Earth, many things have been changed, which made it a home for some characters.

The Junkyard is also the setting for BoBoiBoy Vs. the Multi-Monster. Other than that, this is the place where Ejo Jo fight BoBoiBoy and Fang and the destruction of Petai.

In Season 3, Episode 24 and Episode 25, this place is where Ejo Jo arrives when he returns to Earth.

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Junkyard as the battle arena for BoBoiBoy's Gang and Kaizo's Team.

After he is defeated by Captain Kaizo, the place served as a battle arena for BoBoiBoy's Gang and

Kaizo's Team.