After Adu Du's Multi-Monster failed to destroy BoBoiBoy, Adu Du planned to kidnap Ying, Yaya and Gopal.

Adu Du assigned Probe to kidnap BoBoiBoy's friends


Adu Du assigned Probe to kidnap BoBoiBoy's Friends.

He first tried to get Ying but she is too fast, even though he used his Sleeping Bullets to shoot her,
he almost failed until he tricked her that she lost her wallet and sprayed her with the Sleeping Gas.

BoBoiBoy failed to stop Probe from kidnapping Ying


This time, Probe wears an "Auntie Saodah" disguise to trick Yaya.

To make his plan easier, Probe wears a disguise to trick her but Yaya easily finds out that he is Probe and punced him away, because of this, Adu Du planned to get her all by himself using his Spaceship, like Ying, its also leads to a chase.

Adu Du used two weapons from his ship in order to get Yaya

  • Laser Beam

    Yaya being sucked by the Laser Beam

  • Giant Rocket Missile

Only the Laser Beam got Yaya as Probe tricked her again.

BoBoiBoy also failed to protect Yaya.


The last of BoBoiBoy's friends

With the of Tok Aba to save Ying and Yaya, BoBoiBoy and Gopal planned to save them after Adu Du get Gopal while pretending to sleep.

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