Kuwait Financial House logo

The Kuwait Financial House (KFH) is a bank serving Kuwait, the Middle East, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Brunei.


BBB Kuwait Financial House Akaun Emas Junior-i Promo00:31

BBB Kuwait Financial House Akaun Emas Junior-i Promo

Promo for KFH Junior-I Gold Account

In this video, BoBoiBoy told Gopal to turn all of his money into KFH's Gold Certificate by visiting the nearest Malaysian KFH branch and you will have your Junior-I Gold Account.

The Series

Posters of KFH appeared in Season 2, Episodes 10 to 13 in various place (TV3 Version only).

What Yaya Says

  • Logo of the Kuwait Finance House also appeared before and after each episode since its the sponsor of the show.


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