BoBoiBoy Lightning can project a power style called Lightning Electric.

The Lightning Electric flowing in the chains

Episode 3

After the Multi-Monster said "and now, its my turn to entire", BoBoiBoy Lightning say "hi" to him, then he use the Lightning Electric which flowed in the chains that the monster holding and shocked the Multi-Monster.


  • This cannot be seen in TV3 and Disney Channel because this is part of a deleted scene.

Effect of the Lightning Electric

  • Lightnings contains Electricity in real life.
  • In a comic strip, BoBoiBoy Lightning uses Lightning Electric to power a TV set during a blackout.
  • BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm can also use this move as revealed in another comic strip where he uses it to power a TV set during a blackout.




BoBoiBoy - Elektrik Petir00:11

BoBoiBoy - Elektrik Petir

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