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This is the page for the lists of BoBoiBoy's powers and elemental abilities.

Elemental Forms

See more: Elemental Forms, Elemental Split

Base Forms

Evolved Forms

List of Abilities

BoBoiBoy Lightning

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Abilities

  • Lightning Blade (Pedang Petir)
    • Lightning Blade Slash (Tetakan Pedang Petir)
  • Lightning Speed (Gerakan Kilat)

These are abilities as he uses while driving his motorcycle:

  • Lightning Dash (Pecutan Kilat)
  • Lightning Blade (Pedang Kilat)

BoBoiBoy Thunderstorm

BoBoiBoy Wind

BoBoiBoy Galaxy Abilities

  • Wind Blast (Tolakan Angin)
  • Wind Spheres/Wind Spheres Attacks (Bebola Angin/Serangan Bebola Angin)

These are abilities as he uses while driving his motorcycle:

  • Cyclone Spin (Pusaran Angin)
  • Wind-Surf (Luncuran Angin)

BoBoiBoy Cyclone

BoBoiBoy Earth

BoBoiBoy Galaxy

  • Earth Punch (Tumbukan Tanah)
  • Multiple Earth Punch (Tumbukan Tanah, Bertubi-tubi)
  • Earth Barrier (Tanah Pelindung)

Vehicle Abilities

  • Earth Drift (Drifting Tanah)
  • Asteroid Boulder (Mampatan Tanah Asteroid)
    • Asteroid Strike (Serangan Tanah Asteroid)

BoBoiBoy Quake

BoBoiBoy Fire

  • Fireball (Bebola Api)
    • Maximum Fireball (Bebola Api Maksima)
    • Multiple Fireball (Bebola Api, Bertubi-tubi)
  • Fireball Attacks (Serangan Bebola Api)
  • Blazing Volleyball Jump Serve (Bola Tampar Berapi)
  • Fireball Penalty Kick (Sepakan Penalti, Bebola Api)
  • Fire Shackles (Gegelung Api)
    • Maximum Heat (Pemanasan Maksima)
  • Fire Golem (Golem Api)
  • Twin Fireballs (Bebola Api Berkembar)

BoBoiBoy Blaze

  • Fire Chakrams (Cakera/Chakra Api)
  • Blazing Fire Punch (Tumbukan Tinju Berapi)
  • Blazing Meteor (Meteor Berapi)
  • Fire Breath (Hembusan Berapi)

BoBoiBoy Water

BoBoiBoy Ice

  • Arctic Cannon (Meriam Pembeku)
    • Blizzard Blast (Tembakan Pembeku)
  • Iceberg Eruption (Solakan Bongkah Ais)

BoBoiBoy Leaf

  • Stunning Shuriken Leaf (Lontaran Daun Kebas dan Kejang)
  • Vine Whips (Daun Menjalar)
  • Itchy Leaf Blade (Lontaran Daun Keladi Gatal)
  • Leaves Whirlwind (Pusaran Daun)
  • Woven Leaves Barrier (Daun Pelindung Mengkuang)
  • Woven Leaves Trap (Balutan Daun Anyaman)

Vehicle Abilities

  • Pitcher Plants Trap (Perangkap Periuk Kera)

BoBoiBoy Thorn

  • Ensnaring Thorns (Akar Berduri)

BoBoiBoy Solar

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