These are the characters with their favorite foods.

Character Food
BoBoiBoy Tok Aba's Special Hot Chocolate, and Tok Aba's Special Ice Chocolate (extra ice)
Fang Red Carrot Donut
Yaya Her Biscuits (But she don't eat it yet)
Gopal Chocolate, Pizza, Candies, Lollipop, Cotton Candy, Cake, Tok Aba's Special Ice Chocolate
Ying Tok Aba's Special Hot Chocolate, Burgers
Adu Du Cocoa
Probe Yaya's Biscuits and Water
Ying's Grandma Tok Aba's Cocoa
Burgerman Yaya's Biscuits, Tok Aba's Special Hot Chocolate, Burger
Old Lady Desserts
Random Guy Fish
Potato Yaya's Biscuits, Fish
Mr.Kumar Chocolate Ice Cream
Papa Zola Fried Rice
Mr.Biscuit Himself

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