BoBoiBoy The Movie OST - Track 20 (Lohong Hitam Gargantua)02:03

BoBoiBoy The Movie OST - Track 20 (Lohong Hitam Gargantua)

Lohong Hitam Gargantua (Gargantuan Black Hole) is the 20th track in BoBoiBoy: The Movie. It is played when Bora Ra uses his ultimate power to create a gigantic black hole above the Floating Island, threatening to devour the entire island and its inhabitants. Fang uses his upgrade to chase Bora Ra and tries to prevent him from escaping. Before Fang can catch him, he teleports away with his spaceship. When all hope is lost, his spaceship suddenly returns.


  • This soundtrack is not to be confused with Bora Ra's Gargantuan Black Hole power.
    • In the movie and the subtitles, Bora Ra calls it "Lohong Hitam Gargantuan" (Gargantuan Black Hole).

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