MNCTV (The Indonesian Channel that airs BoBoiBoy) sometimes gives fake titles to a few BoBoiBoy Episode. And sometimes adding non sense and unknown character name in it. Pictures of fake titles will post here by

Fake Titles ever shown

  • Kembalinya Adu Du Jahat
  • Semua Suka BoBoiBot (May 2015)
  • Cyclone, Bago Go and Tokugawa (June 5, 2015) Note: It's unknown who is "Tokugawa" because no one called Tokugawa in BoBoiBoy and the reason MNCTV added "Tokugawa" is unknown.
  • The Seven Forces of BoBoiBoy (also known as BoBoiBoy: The Movie, aired at August 17th, 2016)


  • MNCTV never give the real title.


Pictures will be added soon by me who make this page.

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